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    Janus Motorcycles
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Janus Motorcycles

A small motorcycle shop in a small town in Indiana has big dreams for small engines.  Their goal is to help build a new generation of riders who ride for the freedom, joy and mobility of a motorcycle without the need for wasted muscle, fuel and form.  Janus Motorcycles of Goshen, Indiana has created a series of motorcycle’s that fuse a retro-inspired custom frame design with a 49cc engine, capable of 55mph cruising and 60+ MPG.

The Janus Motorcycles Halcyon 50 motorcycle is inspired by the early 20th century bikes that broke big records with small engines.  The visual aesthetic is a throwback to the early Triumphs and Indians, featuring a slim frame, thick fenders, exposed machinery and a classy leather saddle behind that nice chrome gas tank.  Mechanically, the heartbeat of the Halcyon 50 is similar to a performance moped– it runs on a 49cc engine but uses some impressive carburetion and air filtration and exhaust systems to get the most out of its small engine.  That small engine means savings at the gas pump, as this 9.8hp engine will achieve more than 60 MPG.

Visually and mechanically, this bike is a welcome offering to modern motorcycling.  It’s smart, efficient and stylish, something a new generation of riders could enjoy.  It’s ideal for urban commuting or back road cruising, making the ride to work or the state park a delightful joy ride.  The Janus Motorcycles Halcyon 50 Basic starts at $3,900 while the top-of-the-line model comes in at $5,300.  [via 50built]

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