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Jarson Residence by Will Bruder and Partners

A modernist marvel has risen out of the desert near Arizona’s McDowell Mountains.  The Jarson Residence by Will Bruder and Partners is a private, two-story residence for a family of four and their guests.  Its shed-style roof stretches over a terraced patio with panoramic views of the mountains to the northeast.  Cool concrete, red rocks and local flora skirt the yard, with a swimming pool just a few steps from the home’s patio.

The home itself is long, angular and open.  The lower floor is a common area for entertainment, dining and relaxation, while the upper level hosts the bedrooms for the family and its guests.  The furnishings and decoration are both warm and neutral, pushing the home’s visual focus to the scenery outdoors.  Copper, wood and steel form the home’s exterior, which has an aged look despite the home’s youth.

The Jarson Residence is a continuation of Will Bruder + PARTNERS success with designing for mountainous desert landscapes.  Their designs feel at home against the red rock, and this design is no exception.  [via archdaily, photos by timmerman photography]

Jarson Residence Gallery