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    Can a Design Rockstar Solve the Stigma of the Adult Store?
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Can a Design Rockstar Solve the Stigma of the Adult Store?

“Accessorized intimacy” need not be stigmatized. That might be the message of the new adult store in Munich by design rockstar Karim Rashid. Rashid has fashioned a wild and enthusiastic space for couples to shop proudly and privately for intimate items. It’s a playful contemporary environment where the space encourages wonder in its visitors. According to Rashid, the appropriately-named “Fun Factory” in Munich is styled to “satisfy primal desire” by design.

Karim Rashid’s Fun Factory in Munich features neutral black ceilings, white wall sections and golden accents that take on a liquid form. Throughout, topographic white lines create a floor texture that also implies wayfinding for guests. The design is deeply stylish, but elements like the floor texture serves as functional cues to guide food traffic.

The subject of an adult store is not new to Rashid. This renown industrial designer, famous for far too many product and furniture designs to count, has also tried his hand at erotic items. The expansion into adult retail is a logical step for a designer whose name is a brand in its own right.

The Karim Rashid Fun Factory in Munich is open now, welcoming guests to a pretty enticing visual experience. It’s designed for wow factor, and to “satisfy primal desire” in the words of Rashid himself.

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