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Kepler MOTION Supercar by Kepler Motors


Why have you never heard of Kepler Motors before, or the Kepler MOTION Supercar?  Before now, it didn’t exist.  Kepler Motors is an entirely brand new supercar manufacturer slated to compete with the Paganis, the Ferraris, the McLarens of the world– albeit without an established brand presence.  The Kepler MOTION is an 800hp street machine designed for track performance and road-ready thrill rides.  It’s a hybrid vehicle of the truest form, featuring a modified 3.5L V6 combustion engine for the rear wheels and a 250hp electric motor for the front end.

While that green-conscious heartbeat is a step in the right direction, our only knock on the Kepler MOTION is its lack of an unique design identity.  Save for a slight detail upgrade on the headlights, hood, scoop and rear spoiler, the Kepler MOTION shares precisely the same body shape as the Pagani Zonda.  While imitation is a fine form of flattery, it never works well on the open market.  Personally, we here at TheCoolist would have preferred that Kepler Motors made strides to innovate not only in performance, but with equal attention to body design and styling.  [keplermotors via autoblog]



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