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Kerchum Residence by Frits de Vries Architect

This new single family home in Vancouver is as eco-friendly as it is bright and beautiful.  The Kerchum Residence by Frits de Vries Architects is the first home to earn LEED Platinum status in Western Canada, thanks to passive solar usage, high-efficiency climate control systems and a colorful green roof at its peak.

The Kerchum Residence was designed for a young, growing family that desired a bright, colorful and modern living space that was well balanced with the environment around it.  Frits de Vries Architect Ltd. specializes in such areas, so they pitched the client this home with a plan to exhibit it for future green design projects.  It is an exercise in environmentally-conscious design, construction and energy consumption, one that will ensure plenty of more work for the architects.

The home features two sections joined by a central staircase that provide separate areas for entertainment and intimacy, split between public and private rooms.  The lower of the two varied sections has an open roof deck with views of the Vancouver neighborhood around it.  The yard is landscaped with local, drought resistant plant life that continues with a bright, colorful green roof above the detached garage.  Indoors, the furnishings are warm and inviting, lit be indirect lights and plenty of windows and skylights.

The Kerchum Residence is a great achievement in green design, and its LEED Platinum status is well-earned.  Beyond the guilt-free nature of this house, it is the beauty and warmth of its design that has us enamored.  [frits de vries architect ltd. via archdaily]

Kerchum Residence Gallery