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    8 Best Keychain Pen Brands in 2023 (Buying Guide)
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8 Best Keychain Pen Brands in 2023 (Buying Guide)

A few decades back, pens were everywhere. Every person looked like an engineer. Cool kids had pencils that looked like pens, and owning a ball pen was a rite of passage. 

Ink pens were items for royalty. The multicolored pen was the Magnum opus of mechanical pens. Writing instruments were the centerpiece of every marketing and promotional strategy. Everyone had space for a pen or two in their front pocket.

But now, this is the age of the smartphone. The electronic device has become the most practical tool in a person’s pocket. Most people only have a smartphone and a wallet as their Everyday Carry (EDC) items. 

Keychain Pen

The downside here is that your level of connectedness will not be of much help when you need to jolt down physical information with speed. This is the reason why keychain pens exist.

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Below are eight of the best keychain pens.

How to Choose the Best Keychain Pen

Pens are very central to the human experience. It pays to always have one at hand, rather than have to beg strangers for help when the need arises. Having a keychain pen can leave a good impression in some business and personal situations. Some features of the best key chain pens include;


There are keychain pens that have universal refills. They are easy to maintain when they run out of ink. Others however have unique and specialized shapes. If you are going to purchase such pens, make sure that their refills are readily available in the market. 


A keychain pen has to be rugged enough to handle day-to-day use. The durability of your pen entirely depends on its workmanship and material construction. Metal will last longer than plastic. Since most keychain pens are deployable, countercheck the hardiness of their retracting mechanisms.


A keychain pen has to be compact enough to work as an EDC. You cannot comfortably haul a full-length pen around. Avoid heavy pens that weigh your keychain down, unless the heft is part of the pen’s function. 

Best Keychain Pen Brands

We’ve already done the hard work for you and outlined the top 8 keychain pen brands. All you have to do is pick your favorite one.

1. True Utility Stainless Steel Pen Keychain

True Utility Stainless Steel Pen Keychain

Innovators have, over the years, come up with the most impressive pen designs and features. There are writing instruments that can write anywhere and go everywhere. They will write over grease, in space, underwater or in a furnace. Now, a pen with a 100-year shelf life is impressive, but it is of no use to you if you cannot use it when you need it the most. 

The True Utility keychain pen is practical and handy and has excellent features. It will always be there when you need to sign that check or fill in that physical form at the DMV or doctor’s office. The True Utility keychain pen is tiny enough to stay put on the keychain or your pocket. Buy it and do away with the full-sized pen that is eating up your pocket or purse space. This keychain pen is of a lightweight stainless steel build and is hardy. It will outlast the daily rigors of your activities. Its 420-grade metal build will not rust or corrode. 

This keychain pen is 4.5 inches at full length. It will conveniently collapse to a 2-inch micro pen size via its smooth telescoping mechanism. At its size, the True Utility keychain is smaller than a regular door key. Grasp its opposite ends, tug and its simple but fast pull release process will have your ballpoint pen ready for use. You can use your pen as much as you need to, without the fear of draining its ink too fast. True Utility keychain pens have three ink refill cartridges on purchase.

2. Nite Ize IP2-09-R7 INKA Keychain Pen

Nite Ize IP2-09-R7 INKA Keychain Pen

Fumbling through apps and phone menus whenever you need to hand over important data is perhaps a step back in the evolution of man. The Nite Ize Inka keychain pen can swiftly take care of things in such situations. The keychain pen is especially useful in flu season when you need your pen accessible at all times. 

Nite Ize, famous for their popular Steelie dashboard phone socket, has put high-end features into this Inka keychain pen. While its cost is cheap when you put it side by side with the high-end pens, the Inka can write in any atmospheric condition. If you have yearned for a writing instrument that can scribble stuff at extreme temperatures and any altitude, the Inka is it. It is an ECD buff’s dream pen.

You will have fun testing its abilities underwater or at any angle of your choosing. The Nite Ize Inka keychain pen has an aluminum body. Pull it out of the aluminum case and use it in its miniature quick use mode. If you are doing more writing, unscrew it from its split ring barrel and assemble it to a full-sized pen. Its ink is waterproof and is housed in pressurized cartridges. They are replaceable, so swap them out when empty and keep writing.

3. KeySmart Nano Keychain Pen

KeySmart Nano Keychain Pen

Porting around heavy, jagged pieces of metal was an annoying part of everyday life before KeySmart. One day Michael Tunney left his lucrative robotics engineer job to travel, only to realize that his keys were getting in his way. At the time, the key ring was the only way to organize noisy, craggy keys. His solution to the classic key ring deficiency of jabbing, irritating keys was KeySmart. 

His little clever invention would organize keys and keep them compact in a stylish way. KeySmart is a producer of a diverse range of extraordinary items such as the KeySmart Nano pen. This keychain pen has a heavy stainless build. It has innovative features such as a magnetic cap for easy closure. 

This keyholder pen is only 3.3″ tall. If you are an EDC nut looking for a hardy keychain pen to complement your novelty gear, buy the KeySmart Nano pen. Its sleek silver color and its utility value make it a keeper. It is also comfortable to hold and will make an integral part of your keychain. 

This pen writes smoothly and has a two-year warranty from KeySmart. It is also a perfect gift item and will please any EDC hobbyist out there.

4. Sheaffer Ion Black Gel Rollerball Pen

Sheaffer Ion Black Gel Rollerball Pen

The Sheaffer Ion rollerball pen is pocket size and has a height of 3.83″. It is a retractable pen that you can attach to your backpack or keyring and bring it along on your day-to-day activities. Its torpedo shape and attractive bright colors are a hit with most buyers. The Sheaffer Ion rollerball pen’s chief attraction is its ink. Unlike regular pens that have viscous oil-based inks, this keychain pen has gel ink. 

For this reason, the Sheaffer Ion rollerball is a suitable substitute for a fountain pen. Call it a semi fountain pen, since it produces the fountain pen’s wet ink look. Its advantage is that it does not have a nib, so it is perfect for rushed writing. You also do not have to stay wary of smears or penmanship when using it.

This keyholder pen is an EDC that will serve many purposes. Use it for casual writing or calligraphy on your downtime. Its ink’s vibrant colors will make it your favorite on-the-go item. Detach its cap and then slide it open to full length when you want to write. This pen has a metal and plastic build. 

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5. Tacray Titanium Mini Bolt Action Keychain Pen

Tacray Titanium Mini Bolt Action Keychain Pen

Bolt-action pens have become very popular lately, their mechanical design catching the eye of most EDC pen fans. Their smooth operation will reward you with an oddly satisfying feeling that a mill of the run keychain pen lacks. 

Bolt-action pens are hardy built with materials such as brass, titanium, or anodized aluminum. There is no better way to free up your mind or hash out an idea than with a bolt-action pen plus good old paper. 

This keychain pen from Tacray is durable, sturdy, and small. They make its casing from Gr5 titanium. In classic bolt-action style, this pen has a precision engineering that supplies the best twist and push mechanism for release. It has an ergonomic design that includes a non-slip grip and an anti-sliding design. All its parts are of a CNC high-quality production. 

Unlike other keychain pens that have a separate cap which could lead to losses, the Tacray mini bolt-action pen has a ring hole in its tip. Just slide its bolt-action mechanism and it will click into place ready for writing. Slide the mechanism again and your pen will retract. 

The Tacray mini bolt-action keychain pen is light and produces an attractive ink texture. It will jolt all your ideas down smoothly and you can purchase more refills to keep it on your keychain for longer. This product looks as good as your $100 tactile pen, but is affordable.

6. Sunshine Products USA Mini Brass EDC Pen

Sunshine Products USA Mini Brass EDC Pen

Sunshine Products is a dad and daughter business in California that produces excellent quality Everyday Carry items. Their Mini keychain pen is a feat of genius. One of the smallest keychain pens in the market; it is only 2″ in length. Its compact size ensures that it will always be at hand when those fleeting ideas come calling. The nifty gadget has many variants. 

You can have it in brass, carbon fiber, stainless steel, aluminum, or a combination of these hardy materials. There is also a titanium version with a steep price tag that is totally worth it. The titanium keychain pen only weighs half an ounce and is elegant to look at. You will love this pen’s feel on your hand as well as its lack of heft when hanging on your keychain. 

Do not be fooled by its size. This pen can write up a storm. It will work just and any bigger pen. You can unscrew it from its cap, post it on for extra length, and comfort when scribbling. Its body is precision machined, and it has inbuilt o-rings that secure the pen’s cap in place. A rugged pen, it will outlive any rigors of day-to-day use. This keychain pen works with mini ballpoint refills.

7. ATECH Multifunction Keychain Pen 5 in 1

ATECH Multifunction Keychain Pen 5 in 1

Atech Multifunction pens are on-demand as consumers increasingly seek products that solve a for the keychain. They have a heavy aluminum casing and are very comfortable to write with. This pen only has a height of 3.6″ but it has several other useful tools on it. 

It is not just a ballpoint pen, but also an inch ruler and a handy stylus. It also has a useful Phillips screwdriver and a mini flat head on it. This feature-packed unique pen’s black barrel has inches and metric measurements. The knurled bit at its tip retracts and extracts with excellent smooth action, revealing or veiling the ballpoint pen. The capacitive stylus sits at the other end of the pen, right under the key ring. To access the bit and screwdriver, unscrew the stylus tip. The Atech Multifunction Pen 5 in 1 has a one-year warranty.

8. Rite In The Rain Trekker Pen

Rite In The Rain Trekker Pen

Rite in the Rain Trekker Pens are simple, stylish, and beastly pens made to conquer the outdoors. This keychain pen will write from any location on earth. It has pressurized ink cartridges that ensure that the Trekker pen will work even in the rain. Its black metallic barrel has the look of a narrow hand grenade. The barrel has a rubber grip that will keep your pen firm in slippery conditions. 

Pair this handy 4″ keychain pen with a Rite in the Rain notebook and get sketching in any conditions without the fear of smearing or clumping. Take this pen along on your hikes or camping and journal your thoughts. These pens use Rite in the Rain refills.


Like TV remotes or keys, pens have a mind of their own and are difficult to keep for a long period without losing them. Not so, for a key chain pen; since you will always have it clipped on your belt, key chain, or dog tag, you will not have to worry about losses.