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L’Ametlla House by Mirag

L'Ametlla House by Mirag 1

This wild contemporary home appears small and simple from the street, where passers by may never know its private appeal.  The L’Ametlla House by Mirag appears to be a wall and a window from the street, with only a curvy roof line to suggest that there’s something special within.  L’Ametlla House features a tall, two-story open expanse that peers into a pine forest in the rolling hills beyond.  A large, concrete patio with terraced gardens climb down the sloping plot, giving the home’s occupants a place to stroll and relax in a private space unseen from the street.  Indoors, contemporary fixtures meet vintage furnishings that create a comfortable-yet-cool living space.  It’s a visual treat to those who enter at street level, unaware of the sculptural marvel that awaits inside.  [architect: mirag photography: jordi surroca via: designboom]

L'Ametlla House by Mirag 6

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