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Lazareth Wazuma: Biofuel-Powered V12 Quad


Any autophile can respect the nature of the Lazareth Wazuma.  This biofuel-powered V12 quad racer is a machine for powersports purists– those who need nothing more than four wheels and an engine.  The Wazuma is not for the faint of heart, however, as right under the seat is 500 horsepower thirsty for performance-friendly e85 ethanol fuel.  Just a twist of the throttle and the Lazareth Wazume is screaming past 60mph and tearing up the pavement.  If you’re the type that doesn’t need a cabin, that doesn’t need leather seats and prefers the sound of an engine to a hi-fi stereo, this quad can be yours for ~$283,000.  [lazareth, thanks autoblog]

Lazareth Wazuma Gallery

Lazareth Wazuma Video

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