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    Top 17 Leather Valet Trays to Organize Your EDC
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Top 17 Leather Valet Trays to Organize Your EDC

If you’re not yet using a valet tray to arrange your everyday manly stuff, you’re a few miles behind sophistication. As a self-respecting gentleman, you need a valet tray to keep all your essential stuff neatly organized. A catchall tray, the other name for a valet tray, helps you put together your daily carry such as your mobile phone, wallet, car keys, watch, lighter, pocket change, and so forth.

Leather valet tray - mocha

Forgetting the office keys in your previous day’s trouser pocket can be seriously frustrating after a two-hour drive downtown. That’s why a valet tray comes in handy. Furthermore, a stylish valet tray placed at your bedside table can help give character to what would have otherwise been a dull interior. You’d also find a valet tray worthwhile in decluttering your space.

Although a typical valet tray acts as an EDC (Everyday carry) receptacle, more advanced versions serve supplementary roles such as phone charging ports, while larger ones may handle bigger stuff like sunglasses.

Leather Valet Trays

Valet trays can be constructed from a variety of materials such as wood, leather, concrete, or a combination of these materials or more. Leather is an awesome material for making valet trays owing to its aesthetic appeal, durability, resilience, and comfort.

Leather valet trays have a way of making even a monotonous closet come alive with design and character. Besides, leather catchalls have high portability due to their flexibility as a result of their corners that snap. Unsnapping the valet tray corners makes it lie flat and compact, making it an easy-to-carry item for travel.

Choosing a leather valet tray would be a simple task were it not for the numerous options that you’d find on the gift-shop shelf or on your favorite e-commerce platform. They come with a plurality of features, designs, and varying price tags that can be pretty confusing.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Leather Valet Tray

Before we go down our list, here are useful pointers to help you choose a leather valet tray that suits you the most

  • Size: It’s a crucial consideration to ensure the selected valet tray is adequately spacious to handle your essential EDC items.
  • Quality of Make Material: For leather, purchase valet trays made from thick authentic leather that will age well. Counterfeit materials look good from far but are far from good.
  • Budget: The rule of thumb is that items made from top-notch materials are likely to cost more. Don’t sacrifice quality for price or you might just discover that in the long-run cheap may end up being expensive. That said, you can explore high-quality leather valet trays that fall within your budgetary range.
  • Design/Structure: What’s your preference, softer and rounder trays, or the rigid and conventionally-shaped types?
  • Warranty: Warranties ordinarily secure you against manufacturing defects. Product warranties may also bear testimony to a manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of materials used and the workmanship that is expected to increase a product’s durability beyond the warranty date. A product with a longer warranty period is likely to last longer.
  • Aesthetics: Largely driven by your personal taste or the use for which you’re purchasing the valet.

17 Best Leather Valet Trays

The valet tray you choose should be simple to use, beautiful to behold, and curated for your unique needs. Fortunately, we’ve done much of the work for you by navigating through these options and have distilled it all into a list of the best leather tray that’ll make your life more organized. Let’s go.

#1 – Bexar Goods Leather Valet Tray

Bexar Goods Leather Valet Tray

Built to radiate that masculine touch, the Bexar Goods Leather Valet Tray is simple, stylish, and resilient. Constructed with sturdy copper rivets to securely hold the folded corners, this thick best-in-class leather valet tray will be an exceptional receptacle for your phone, car keys, wallet, glasses, and all else that your EDC collection entails.

It’s made from high-quality leather that’s light-toned and ages well with years of use. Measuring 7×7 inches, it provides ample space to catch-all your necessary items without looking like it’s congested. Value for money is what you get with this investment.

Price: $52

#2 – Courant Catch: 3 Wireless Charging Tray

Courant Catch_ 3 Wireless Charging Tray
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Courant tailored the stylish Catch:3 for the trendy urbane gentleman who’ll settle for nothing other than the best. Whether at home or on the move, stash all your essential EDC in this state-of-the-art valet, ready to grab them on your way out.

This posh valet tray is constructed from top-of-the-line pebble-grain Italian leather and features an efficient 3-coil wireless phone charging station. Additionally, it has a USB charging port.

Comes in a variety of colors for your preference; Pacific blue, black, ash, and bone. This high-end tray in a keeper.

#3 – Tanner Goods Leather Valet Tray

Tanner Goods Leather Valet Tray

Tanner Goods has distinguished itself over the years as the manufacturer of supreme quality leather products. Their handmade leather valet tray is one such product; quality at its best. It’s a durable and reliable hand-crafted catchall constructed from two bridle leather pieces fastened together with brass riveting.

Adding this Portland made leather valet to your manly gear will undoubtedly accentuate your classy look besides safely storing your personal effects. The square 5×5 inch interior is sufficient to cut-out clutter.

Your EDC items will find a perfect home in this valet that comes in a range of 5 colors.

Price: $85

#4 – Filson Workshop Rectangle Leather Valet Tray

Filson Workshop Rectangle Leather Valet Tray

Beautiful craftsmanship and excellent quality can begin to describe this Filson Workshop leather valet. Filson is a reputable brand in churning out some of the top-notch essential workwear and outdoor gear. This catchall is a continuation of their great work.

This go-to valet tray for home and travel is the perfect space for your wallet, lighter, keys, and other carry essentials. Constructed with thick harness leather, tanned in Pennsylvania, and crowned with brass shackles that accentuate the leather color, it’s a gear you’d want to have for your next field trip.

What’s more, it can also double up as a perfect gift idea for any man who thinks they have it all.

Price: $65

#5 – Billykirk Leather Valet Tray

Billykirk Leather Valet Tray

Billykirk has trailblazed in unique craftsmanship in the leather goods space over the last two decades. The fine leather valet tray from Billykirk decisively leads a crowded field of worthy competitors when it comes to craftsmanship and lifespan.

This will make a great carry for your EDC items at home or on the go. With an inviting price tag, you’ll find this American-made, vegetable-tanned beauty irresistible.

Price: $50

#6 – Defy Snappy Valet Tray

This valet denotes simplicity and innovativeness at its best. Crafted from a single Horween Rio Latigo leather, Defy Bags completed the leather piece with brass button snaps. You just need to snap the buttons together and out comes a spectacular receptacle for all your EDC items.

Defy Snappy Leather Valet Tray is extraordinary, durable, stylish and will provide excellent storage for all your accessories. Place it on your bedside table, or counter and it breathes life to the interior by its simplistic but trendy design.

Price: $60

#7 – Onward Reserve Bison Leather Valet Tray

Onward Reserve Bison Leather Valet Tray

Aesthetics make the Onward Reserve’s Bison leather valet tray stand out from the rest. Build to exude the authentic leather surface with its unique textural and tone variations, each tray comes out as a personalized souvenir gift that ages well.

The hand-made valet has tiny brass rivets for fastening and leather straps on the tray’s corners. A beautiful way to securely contain all your personal carry.

Price: $98.50

#8 – Go Forth Goods Leather Valet Tray

Go Forth Goods Leather Valet Tray

Most valet trays come with a typical squarish or rectangular shape with the corners protruding out. Not so for the Go Forth leather valet tray. Its roundish design that looks more natural makes it a unique catchall.

Made from full-grain leather and securely fitted together with robust brass rivets, the valet is a worthy receptacle for your manly accessories. The valet tray comes in black, saddle, and mocha. And that’s not all, you can have it customized at no extra cost. All this makes the 3-day turnaround waiting for your order more than worth it.

Price: $65

#9 – Shinola Small Natural Leather Tray

Shinola Small Natural Leather Tray

A premium leather product from Shinola, a Detroit-based brand associated with high-quality leisurewear. The valet tray is made from a single piece of high-quality leather that’s vegetable-tanned and cured with beeswax.

The selling point of this tray is that you get to walk out of the store with an exclusive version since the natural leather variations give each valet tray a unique character and feel. You can find a home for your essential accessories in this small valet tray that comes with some personal.

Price: $85

#10 – Manready Mercantile Catchall Tray

Manready Mercantile Leather Valet Tray

Boasting minimalist design, you’re bound to love this bounty of beauty crafted by Texas-based Manready Mercantile. These leather valets are all hand-made and come in a spectrum of colors. Wicket & Craig, the Pennsylvania-based company supplies leather while all the handiwork is handled in Houston.

Price: $32

#11 – Graf Lantz Valet Tray

Graf & Lantz Kawabon Valet Tray

Graf Lantz designed this stylish leather valet for the regular traveler who is keen on the portability and convenience of organizing essentials while on the go. This valet tray features a snapping closure mechanism that makes it easily portable by simply unsnapping it.

Putting your hands on this premium stylish valet tray that combines denim and leather will bring a new shine to your interior while keeping your EDC items neatly organized.

Price: $58

#12 – Killspencer Valet Tray

Killspencer Valet Tray

All the collectibles in your pocket will find a perfect home in the Killspencer Valet Tray. This valet tray radiates style, irresistible aesthetics, and witty design with its minimalist concept. It’s made out of thick bull hide leather and meticulously finished to display the natural leather grain, blemishes, and contusions. The resilient valet tray is constructed to age graciously over time.

It will be a delightful catch-all for your guitar pick, keys, pocket change, and wallet that will make your nightstand sparkle. You can choose what suits you best from large, medium, and small size valet trays. To cap it all off, this resilient leather is available in five separate colors to choose from.

Price: $135

#13 – American Bench Craft Leather Catchall Valet Tray

American Bench Craft Leather Catchall Valet Tray

It’ll be an uphill task to find a sturdier leather valet tray. Constructed from a single piece of vegetable-tanned leather, and metal rivets of different colors, the American Bench Craft Valet Tray is sleek and durable while staying true to the task of catching all your essential EDC items. The 4.25”x4.25” makes it rather compact and relatively small, but that’s compensated for by its depth of 2.5” creating a deeper space than most trays that are shallow by design.

Its chic design comes into prominence when you display it on a furniture background with colors that are complementary to the valet tray’s dark leather tones. As icing on the cake, the product comes with a lifetime guarantee, is handcrafted, and should you want to emboss for a customized appearance, the choice is all yours. Grab one of these for your table at work, or your bedside, and keep your life organized.

Price: $39

#14 – Bradley Mountain Large Valet Tray

Bradley Mountain Large Valet Tray

Bradley Mountain is the San Diego based lifestyle brand famed for its bags that could outlive you. They have produced a large high-class valet tray worth your class.

100% hand made by skillful, American craftsmanship, the catchall will form a secure sanctuary for your guitar pick, wallet, smartphone, and whatever else forms part of your essential carry.

The tray is made from high-quality vegetable-tanned leather and impressive copper riveting at the corners. Right in the middle of the tray is a unique Bradley Mountain logo. Grab a piece of this beauty and your pocket contents will be wishing they got home sooner.

Dimensions: 7”x7”x1”
Price: $55

#15 – Saddleback Leather Valet Tray

Saddleback Leather Valet Tray
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Saddleback has over the years built a reputation for using thick, tough leather for their goods. The leather valet tray is no exception to this long-held tradition of excellent production.

Saddleback Catchall is made out of full-grain leather that ages nicely. The interior has a velvety feel overlaid with pigskin. The tray, which features rounded corners, will make up a good catch for your accessories whether at home or while traveling.

If that’s not enough, this quality leather product that you’ll love to have over the years comes with a 100-year guarantee just like all other leather products from Saddleback. As a bonus, you could stash away your cash in the valet tray by taking out the bottom liner.

#16 – Paul Stuart Leather Valet Tray

Paul Stuart Leather Valet Tray

An outstanding elegant leather valet purely made from calf leather. The stitching on this valet tray is peculiarly stunning. Your color pick will either be navy or tan. Accentuate your interior decor with Paul Stuart’s cleverly designed leather valet as you provide a safe haven for all your personal carry items. Grab this gentlemanly gem and gift your nightstand a worthy companion.

Price: $150

#17 – Hide & Drink Leather Catchall

Hide & Drink Leather Catchall
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If you’re looking for a compact high-quality catchall for your essential items at an accessible price tag, we’d recommend Hide& Drink Leather Catchall. At just under $25, you’d walk away with a wonderful item that can do the job and hold your stuff for many years. It’s made from full-grain leather and measures 4.5”x4.5” providing adequate space for a few essentials