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Les Bains Des Docks Aquatic Center

You’re looking at what may be the world’s most beautiful swimming pool and aquatic center.  Les Bains Des Docks Aquatic Center in Le Havre, France, is the brain child of designer Jean Nouvel, a stunning center of relaxation inspired by classic Roman baths.  Les Bains Des Docks is an indoor/outdoor facility with pools, saunas, waterfalls and steam rooms that connect with humanity’s fascination with water.  The design is clean, calming and geometric, featuring inset rectangular boxes that provide character inside and out.  The architecture is largely color neutral, where the water and the bodies within it provide much of the organic character.  The exception is a bright and vivid playroom for children on the side of the indoor section of the facility.

Les Bains Des Docks is not an exclusive resort, it is open to the public for both Le Havres and the have-nots.  Entry costs 5 euros per person before group, youth or senior discounts.  If you’re in Le Havre or nearby, let us know about your experience.  In the mean time, we’ll admire it from afar.  [les bains des docks via notventures, photos used with permission by Clément Guillaume]

Les Bains Des Docks Gallery