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19th Century Spanish Apartment Restored into Bright Modern Home

What started out as an apartment stuffed with partition walls and random rooms has been transformed by Sergi Pons into a spacious modern affair full of light. Located in the Les Corts neighborhood of Barcelona, it’s now a much more suitable place for Yuna and her two cats to call home. The architect opted to keep the original wooden beams and stone wall, but added elements of pure white, along with geometric shapes to create a much more modern aesthetic.

At the heart of the apartment is a white geometric cube that contains the kitchen and bathroom. Its walls do not reach the ceiling, which helps to maintain the continuity of space throughout. The cube itself, along with a raised platform for the bedroom, bathroom and adjacent gallery help to demarcate the space, and add some much needed privacy. Other techniques used to increase the perceived size of the apartment include a kitchen mirror, making it seem as if the stone is part of the bathroom.

Materials used throughout the house were chosen for their natural purity, such as stone, wood, oak, and beams made from long-leaf pine. To make sure her two cats, Tau and Misha, have space to play, Yuna also opted for a ladder that helps her feline friends reach the space on top of the bathroom ceiling. In contrast to the clean white colors, her cats help to create a more homely environment where someone would be happy to spend large portions of their day. [photography by Adrià Goula]

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