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Liverpool Insurgentes Reshapes the Face of Retail in Mexico City

Design entices, entertains and enlightens. A department store in Mexico City has been given a brilliant new architectural design identity by Rojkind Arquitectos. The Liverpool Insurgentes Department Store is quite possibly the most progressive architectural design for large-scale retail that we’ve ever seen. It is bold, imaginative and futuristic, a design that will entice guests to experience the store firsthand.

Large retail stores work hard to make their environments a destination. Think of when Borders and Barnes and Noble added coffee shops to their interiors. The goal has been to encourage people to visit, then encourage them to stay. The people at Liverpool Insurgentes wanted something even greater, they wanted to provide an unique design experience to their guests. It’s not as simple as encouraging people to visit, it’s about providing an experience they will want to share and talk about amongst their friends.

The Liverpool Insurgentes department store by Rojkind Arquitectos is represented by a wild, futuristic fascia. It is a large hexagonal grid, with soft circles and window shapes inset in a varied pattern. Colored lights from various interior rooms add to the exterior appearance, creating color themes that can change and evolve at the whim of the owner.

The interior is as progressive as the fascia outside. Small, intimate spaces and large group rooms are varied throughout the space, encouraging guests to come together or enjoy some time to themselves in looking out at the city beyond. Some window spaces have cubicle seating areas, little private spaces where guests are encouraged to spend some casual time alone in the building.

The Liverpool Insurgentes Mexico City location is open now. It is one of the most progressive retail designs to hit North America in some time, and it should be receiving plenty of recognition in the months to come. [photography: Jaime Navarro]

Liverpool Insurgentes Department Store by Rojkind Arquitectos 2 Liverpool Insurgentes Department Store by Rojkind Arquitectos 8 Liverpool Insurgentes Department Store by Rojkind Arquitectos 6

Liverpool Insurgentes Department Store by Rojkind Arquitectos | Gallery


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  1. While working in Mexico City I had some occasions to shop at Liverpool’s. They were okay, but a bit dated. I must applaud their courageous leap forward with an excellent architectural firm.