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Local Rock House – New Zealand

Local Rock House of New Zealand is aptly named, given that much of its material was sourced from local stone.  It rises prominently above a pohutukawa canopy that stretches across a white, sandy beach.  Continuing on the theme of locality, the home is designed to merge with the environment, where the stone matches the grounds near the beach and the private sections above mimic the nature of the trees around them.  In the center of the home, a grotto-style courtyard features a swimming pool, a dining area and an outdoor fireplace, perfect for entertaining guests or private nights for the family that lives within.  The lookout bedrooms above are screened with a louvred design that provides a sweeping view of the ocean beyond but limited view from outside in.  It is a home of matchless luxury and beauty in its locality, one that is built upon the very rocks of the plot on which it stands.  This design by Pattersons Associates is amongst the best of this young decade.

Local Rock House Gallery