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Los Molles House of Cachagua Chile

A simple glance at the Los Molles House of Cachagua, Chile suggests peace, nature and a relaxing retreat from the bustle of urban life.  It provides a deep immersion into the off-coast environment of Chile, a hilly and green plot only a short hike from the Pacific sands.  DRN Arquitectos designed the Los Molles House in a sectional pattern, surrounded by gardens both outside and between the main wings of the home.  To live in Los Molles is truly to be on the same level of the flora and the fauna of central Chile.

The home is designed for a large family, arranged to provide both privacy and common areas for all of its inhabitants.  It is arranged in two separate rectangular sections that are joined by a central walkway that bridges over a middle garden.  Large windows line the home’s sides, accented by naturally-colored woods which appear to have been sourced directly from this home’s plot.  Inside, the focus on natural coloring continues, with comfortable living spaces adorned with modern furnishings entirely free of conceit.

DRN Arquitectos has succeeded in creating a home with the character of a summer cabin, the mystique of a modern design philosophy and the functionality to fully house a large family year-round.  [drn via archdaily, photos via nico saieh]

Los Molles House Gallery