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    Maserati 250f Restored and Admired
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Maserati 250f Restored and Admired

The automotive-minded photographer Bernd Kammerer recently hit the streets of Hamburg, Germany at night with a beautifully-restored Maserati 250f, one of the 1950s most celebrated sports cars.  Kammerer is a double threat in our eyes, combining beautiful night photography with lusty vintage race cars.  The Maserati 250f shown here is one of just 26 ever made, designed for the race track in a dominant fashion.  The 250f was powered by a 2.5-litre Maserati A6 straight-six, which led this streamlined beauty to 8 Grand Prix championships throughout the world.  We suggest you take a close look, because it isn’t likely that you see another Maserati 250f in such well-restored glory.  Of the 26 remain, this 250f may be the world’s most beautiful.  Our engines are revving just from looking at it…

Maserati 250f Gallery