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Maserati Kuba CUV Concept


Automotive designer Andrey Trofimchuk has developed what he feels should be Maserati’s first crossover utility vehicle.  The Maserati Kuba CUV Concept would be a bold new direction for Maserati, but one that only continues its design heritage with the trident logo alone.  Everything else on the Kuba is new to Maserati, from headlight to taillight.  While we appreciate Trofimchuk’s vision, we have a feeling that the Kuba may end up in the same territory as the Pontiak Aztek– a love it or hate it car that inspires passionate opinions in both directions, but not satisfying Maserati’s core.  However, if you are in the “love it” crow, you’ll likely really, really love it.  Both opinions aside, we do salute Andrey Trofimchuk for the sheer visual quality of his work.  These are some truly realistic renders… [ via worldcarfans]



Maserati Kuba Concept Gallery