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    MB&F HM3 “Frog” Watch
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MB&F HM3 “Frog” Watch

Maximilian Busser has revealed his latest master timepiece, the MB&F HM3 “Frog” Watch.  While MB&F’s watches are always the object of serious artistic craftsmanship, the HM3 Frog shows the brand’s playful side.  The HM3 has been re-designed in the spirit of the frog, whose eyes are raised for a wider view of its environment.  On the MB&F Frog Watch, the hour and minute indicators are raised domes that –like the frog — can give their owner a wider view of the time without having to twist a wrist.

As we’ve seen before, Busser and Friends have crafted a meticulous piece of mini machinery with a stunning precision.  Those raised cylinders are hand-milled aluminum that weigh just half a gram each, balancing the weight of the watch under those flawless crystal domes.  Those familiar with MB&F’s HM3 will recognize the design of this watch immediately, yet the “Frog” version of the HM3 is a decidedly new watch, independent in design and philosophy.  In an industry where the greatest watches are objects of seriousness, austere in their artistic demands, it is refreshing to see MB&F inject a playful sense of wonder with this very watch. [via press release]

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