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Melbourne Theater Company by Ashton Raggatt McDougal Architecture


The Melbourne Recital Center and adjacent Melbourne Theater Company is amongst the most visually progressive works we’ve seen in recent history.  It comes as no surprise to learn that these future-forward buildings have been honored with the 2009 Victorian Architecture Medal, a prestigious honor for firms like Ashton Raggatt McDougal who designed these.  While the exterior of the Melbourne Theater Company buildings focuses on form much moreso than function, the heart of these state-of-the-art theaters is rooted in sound acoustic principles.  Outside, bright neon-styled beams wrap around these buildings in a skeletal fashion, while behind it flourescent streaks and dark metal frames give the buildings strength.

The theaters themselves are a sight to behold.  One theater is a continuation of the vivid, fluorescent exterior– it’s black setting and pink magenta character wrap around a central stage with an unabashed style.  The next theater features a breathtaking, natural texture of driftwood that encases the walls in a symmetrical but organic design.  We certainly wouldn’t mind catching a few shows in these auditoriums, and are officially jealous of the theater fans in Melbourne, Australia who can attend these buildings at will.  TheCoolist hereby salutes the brilliant work of Ashton Raggatt McDougal.  May your phones continue to ring with new prospects for exhibiting your creative vision. [ARM architects via thecoolhunter]