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Big Living in a Compact Mid-Century Modern Home in New Zealand

Inspired by the utilitarian forms of a tent and a shed, Dorrington Atcheson Architects have managed to create a secluded mid-century modern home in New Zealand that oozes style but doesn’t overstep its boundaries amongst the surrounding nature. Located in the Titirangi suburb of Auckland, the property features a pair of compact buildings that feel twice the size thanks to a soaring mono-pitch roof and full-height glazing. Other cool features include a sunken lounge, cavity sliders that mark off a spare bedroom, and bunk beds that can be converted into desks when the kids leave the nest.

Taking up a modest 120-square-metres, the location for the two buildings was selected for sun, seclusion and views of the surrounding bush. Inside the house, architects opted for a limited range of materials such as plywood, concrete, and aluminium to create a simplistic, yet laid-back atmosphere throughout. Conceived as a barn-like pavilion, adults and kids each have been placed at opposite ends of the house to ensure maximum privacy and personal space.

Built-in furniture and a sunken lounge in the open-plan living zone help to save on space, while a split-truss roof allows an external pergola to shade the home in summer, and clerestory windows to supply as much light as possible in the winter. This multi-functional design extends to the kids’ rooms, where the built-in bunks can be converted into a desk. Finally, pops of primary colour help to infuse the simple design with life and ensure a family-friendly environment where everyone can be happy. [photography by Emma-Jane Hetherington]

Mid-Century Modern Home in New Zealand 2 Mid-Century Modern Home in New Zealand 3 Mid-Century Modern Home in New Zealand 4 Mid-Century Modern Home in New Zealand 5

Easterbrook House by Dorrington Atcheson Architects | Gallery

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  1. I love this design. You have really succeeded here.

    I would really like to know the cost of this build on similar gently sloping land.