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19 Best Minimalist Wallets for Fancy Men (2022 Edition)

Classic wallets were made for a bygone era, and they have become worse than passé. The cumbersome design of standard bi or tri-fold wallets is not only obsolete, it is dangerous. Carrying an oversized billfold, money clip, or passport case affects your back, your balance, and can cause long-term health issues; even if it rides in your front pocket.

The solution to this conundrum is to go smaller, carrying only the basics.

Coolest Minimalist Wallets You Can Buy

A little money, your ID, and some credit cards are all most people need in the modern age, and toting those about can be accomplished with one of the best minimalist wallets.

#19 – Hammer Anvil RFID Safe

Hammer Anvil Money Clip - minimalist wallet

For Basic Coverage: When you need to pinch every penny, or just don’t want to spend a mint on your wallet, the RFID Safe has a classic style and provides a guard against digital thieves. Built for mostly cards, it can be your daily wallet for quick purchases or your backup for holding the serious plastic.

#18 – RFID Dash 4.0

RFID Dash 4.0 - minimalist wallet

For High Tech Protection: A slim little pouch for rapidly removing cash and cards, every version of the Dash – from the 1.0 on up – is made to protect against digital thieves looking to snatch your identity from a distance. Elastic backing makes it expandable, a matte black finish makes it stylish, and optional RFID allows you to decide whether or not it’s right for your lifestyle.

#17 – Calvin Klein RFID Blocking Leather Bifold Wallet

This Calvin Klein RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet is crafted from full-grain leather. It features heat creased card slots, a sewn-in ID flap, and a matching leather key fob. There’s a small drawback to this one — the ID holder is not detachable from the wallet — but nonetheless, a great leather wallet for men.

#16 – Herschel Supply Co. ‘Hank’

For Pub Crawls: You’re not going to take your fine leather with you when you head out for a few brews at your local watering hole, but you still need a way to pay your tab. Rugged denim on the outside with a dyed refinement shows that you’re a discerning person of taste, but also practical when the time calls for it.

#15 – Axess RFID-blocking Compact Wallet

Axess RFID-blocking Compact Wallet

For Anyone: Business, casual, home, away, the hand-cut, Italian, vegetable-tanned leather exudes an air of clean professionalism that’s at home wherever you are. A basic card and cash set of pockets in a low profile makes it the friend of the urban commuter.

#14 – Fossil Tate Leather RFID Blocking Money Clip Bifold Wallet

Fossil’s wallets collection are said to be crafted from the highest quality leather available. The Tate minimalist wallet is small (slim), practical and gentle with the price. It also has RFID blocking tech so that your money stays in your pocket.

#13 – Raphael Lean Essentials Wallet

Raphael Quality Goods Co. Lean Essentials Wallet

For Business Lunches: Every one of these gorgeous wallets is hand-sewn using saddle stitching to create firm seams that won’t unravel during everyday carry. Segregated slots let you keep your cash and most common cards on hand, while your AMEX Black card can be hidden away for when you need to buy that mini-submarine.

Price: $49

#12 – Agog Ultra Slim Bifold

Agog Ultra Slim Bifold Leather Wallet

For the Traditionalist: Many bi-fold wallets are on the bubble between thin enough and not. Agog’s Ultra Slim is meant to cut the weight of a wallet in half, while retaining a more standard style that works to fold cash cleanly and keep extra items on hand for emergencies.

#11 – Inkleaf Doublecross

Inkleaf Leather Doublecross - minimalist wallet

For Life: Tough as hell thanks to the construction style, which uses full-grain Horween leather and linen thread, The Doublecross is a simple, foldable piece that will age gracefully. As it gets older, it adopts a patina and coloring at the edges for a look that is undeniably masculine while still retaining its feminine softness.

Price: $55

#10 – Billetus Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Billetus Carbon Fiber Money Clip - minimalist wallet

For Stopping a Bullet: Carbon Fiber (CF) is generally used by police and military personnel as part of their EDC gear. It’s meant to stand up to the worst the world has to offer without batting an eye. The flat, matte appearance is all business, while the treated clip adds a polished look. Inside is titanium, which is fully RFID blocking for protecting your accounts and identity.

#9 – TUMI – Delta Slim Card Case Wallet with RFID ID Lock

TUMI is renowned for producing high-end suitcases and bags for travel. But they do great wallets and accessories, too. The stitching and quality of workmanship are what make this an awesome minimalist wallet, great for every day use. And did we tell you its soft leather is also very easy on the hands?

#8 – Bellroy Micro Sleeve

Bellroy Micro Sleeve - minimalist wallet

For Quickdraws: All minimalist wallets can be more easily pulled from a pocket for paying out, but the Micro Sleeve takes it to a whole new level with a pair of quick card slots on either side of the vegetable tanned leather body. A central push pocket holds cash and accessories, and a 3-year warranty adds peace of mind.

#7 – Union Wallet in Cherry by Madera

Madera Union Wallet

For the Love of Wood: Leather, nylon, and metal are the most common materials used for your average wallet. The Union proves that wood should be making much more of a showing in the pocket-carry world. Slender and sturdy, the Union brings the beauty of blonde cherry wood right to your pocket in a hard-sided design that’s as functional as it is appealing.

Price: $75

#6 – Parabellum Cash & Carry Wallet

Parabellum Cash and Carry Wallet

For Utilitarian Artistry: Parabellum is a California company that wants to make pieces that are arresting in their aesthetic, but bring as much rough-and-readiness as their staid but functional counterparts. Both the beauty and the utility are on display with the Cash & Carry. The only problem is: we love taking it out too much…

Price: $100

#5 – The Fold by Leffot

Leffot The Fold - minimalist wallet

For Origami: Beautiful Horween shell cordovan is used to cut each Fold that goes out. The horse leather is soft and smooth to the touch, the simple folding mechanism keeps your pocket cash organized, and the deep, rich colors show how exceptional Leffot’s production process is at creating goods that last for ages.

Price: $125

#4 – Ghurka Credit Card Window Wallet No. 202

Ghurka Credit Card Window Wallet No. 202

For Any Pocket: Best for young upstart who still gets carded or the special agent with codeword clearance, the No. 202 is proof of good things come in small packages. It’s tiny enough to fit inside other wallets, yet manages to find space for multiple cards, ID, and its own naturally flawless French calfskin.

Price: $175

#3 – Shinola Slim Bifold

Shinola Slim Bifold Wallet

For an American Original: Shinola is the company that is trying to single-handedly revive Detroit, and this wallet shows they can do it. TheHorween Essex leather has been tanned at home in the USA, the array of colors is stunning, the simplicity is endearing, and it actually gets better with age and use.

Price: $195

#2 – Mark Cross Card Case

Mark Cross Card Case - minimalist wallet

For the Best: The name Mark Cross should be all that is needed for anyone who knows, but this will convince those who missed the boat: cognac-colored Italian leather worked by hand to supple glory, you can stash a few cards in it or just admire it from afar. It’s quality; it’s simplicity; it’s everything a minimalist wallet should be.

Price: $225

#1 – BONAVENTURA Bi-Fold Wallet with Money Clip

BONAVENTURA may be a name you’re not that familiar with. They pride to combine luxury, protection, and practicality into an every-day wallet like no other. Handcrafted from high-quality leather from the prestigious German tannery, Perlinger, this minimalist wallet not just has a great design that looks beautiful it’s also resilient and long-lasting.

Minimalist Wallet – CONCLUSION

Have you decided to buy any of these? Are you happy with your purchase? Are there others we may have missed?

Hit us up in the comments below and let us know. We’d love to hear your experience and to know more about your product and how it kept to wear and tear.

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