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Mirrored Artist Studio by Bureau Lada

Peace and privacy from the outside world are two important ingredients of the creative process.  A contemporary artist has taken these virtues to the extreme in his new private studio retreat, The Archive by Bureau Lada.  This unusual artist studio is walled from floor to ceiling in a mirrored skin, bouncing the images of the forest back at anyone who approaches.  It’s a kind of creative camouflage, one that maintains the privacy of the artist while acting as a source of inspiration at the same time.  Visually, The Archive doesn’t impede upon its environment, it allows it to continue upon the studio itself.

The Archive is shaped around an open central courtyard with a dining table and a garden as the heart of the figure.  The inner walls that skirt this courtyard are translucent and diffused, allowing soft light into the interior where the artist works and stores his art.  Despite the relatively small forest footprint, there is plenty of space within, enough to house the artist and a guest on long days and overnight retreats.  It’s a refreshing and imaginative design, one that we certainly wouldn’t mind escaping two for a long, productive, creative weekend.  Any vacancies, Bureau Lada?  [via inhabitat]

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