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Morocco Villa by Studio KO is a Modern Mountain Fortress

Villa E by Studio KO is described as a minimalist mountain lodge, but it’s place in the Moroccan foothills, solid stone walls, and imposing metallic entrance make it seem more like a fortress. Locally-sourced Ouriko stone gives the luxury home the distinct red color often associated with nearby Marrakech. To contrast the building’s somewhat harsh exterior, the interior is filled with soft white walls, large windows, and high ceilings. See how architects managed to blend Eastern and Western architecture seamlessly.

The inside of the house features all the trademarks of clean modern design, but uses distinct features such as a stone fireplace, and slab counters to create a connection with the tough landscape that surrounds the house. Full-height windows give the inhabitants unobstructed views on all sides, which reinforces the fact that Villa E is an architectural oasis in the middle of the desert.

In order to complement the simple earth tones, stone, marble, and wood decorations, the house is filled with artworks you might expect to find in the markets of Marrakech. Rugs made from exotic fabrics, simple stone sculptures, and a collection of decorative ceramics. These handcrafted elements are instantly recognisable around the house and help to some extra flair to the interior design, but still have a unique earthen quality that ties them in with everything else.

While nearly every room in the house is noteworthy, the bathrooms in particular are an exquisite example of design. One of them looks as if it’s been carved from a single piece of black stone and features a unique ceiling design to light the room during the day. [Photography: Daniel Glasser and Philippe Garcia] [via Trendland]

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