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Moyo Waterfront Restaurant and Urban Farm

A restaurant, open market and urban farm turns to future farming technologies to service a hungry public.  The Moyo Waterfront Restaurant and Urban Farm designed by Tsai Design Studio uses aquaponic farming systems to raise fish and vegetables in concert for fine, fresh dining.  This large, multi-faceted commercial structure now rests on V&A Waterfront, a bustling commercial port in Cape Town, South Africa that sees 23 million visitors per year.

The concept of the Moyo Restaurant and Urban Farm is to showcase sustainable design and technology.  The structure raises a large cross-shaped solar panel array that powers the systems below, from the water pumps in the aquaponic system to the lights in the restaurant.  The aquaponic farm features several large raised pools full of Tilapia and other fish whose waste is filtered by the plants which pull out nutrients for food.  The result is a fully sustainable, solar-powered farm and market that raises both fish and vegetables in the most effective, clean and waste-free system available to modern science.

The Moyo restaurant, farm and market are open now on the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.  Visitors can dine on produce and proteins raised on site, as well as locally-sourced goods and regional favorites.  In total, it’s a brilliant way to educate a consumer while providing them with the fruits of this very smart, very futuristic labor.

V&A Waterfront Clock Tower Moyo market- interior 1V&A Waterfront Clock Tower Moyo market-12V&A Waterfront Clock Tower Moyo market-11V&A Waterfront Clock Tower Moyo market- interior 3

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