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    MVMT Chrono Watch: A Cinematic Look at the Darling of Crowd-Funded Fashion
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MVMT Chrono Watch: A Cinematic Look at the Darling of Crowd-Funded Fashion

The MVMT Chrono Watch is the second watch offering from the budget-minded watch brand MVMT. MVMT has been a success story since their crowd-funding effort on Indiegogo made them an overnight sensation. Their mission is to produce casual, stylish watches that are accessible in price. The first watch was available for just $95, and the Chrono watch is the follow-up to that success.

The MVMT Chrono is still simple, stylish and accessible, but it’s a bit more modern in design compared to its Classic counterpart. It sports a stainless steel case, available in steel or black colors, plus a black or white dial under its raised crystal. The movement is Japanese quartz, and it powers the hour, minute and second hands plus a trio of inset dials for stopwatch control and more. Last, there’s a date counter, scrolling through up to 31 days based on the movement.

MVMT Chrono Watch Black and Silver 11

Of course, the MVMT Chrono watch is not going to impress a watch collector or an insider, but it should make a strong impression in casual circles. You probably shouldn’t buy a watch just to impress collectors anyway. You choose watches based on their style and identity as it relates to yours. That’s why we were excited to get our hands on the MVMT Chrono watch for this review. It’s a well-built, striking timepiece and its accessibility in price is more fuel for the fire. At $135 each, it’s a no-brainer to the shopper looking to pick up a starter watch or add to their collection. For the price and the design, it earns our endorsement.

The MVMT Chrono watch is available directly from MVMT starting at $135. We’ll keep you posted on future MVMT watch releases as they happen. In the mean time, see more of TheCoolist watches we’ve covered.

  • Video filmed, narrated and edited by Seamus Payne for
  • Music: “Slo Globe” by Ed Lau, courtesy CultClassicRecords

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