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The MVP Aero Airplane Is The Most Versatile Amphibious Plane Ever Created

Even though it can’t turn into a car, the MVP Aero Airplane is an incredibly impressive aircraft.

Designed for comfort as much as versatility, this amphibious aircraft is loaded with more features than some commercial jetliners. There’s a lot to love about this plane if you’re into light sport aircraft, but for now, we’ll start with the cockpit. It’s wider than any other LSA, and offers fully-ergonomic controls, plush, comfortable seats; and a retractable instrument panel for when your plane needs to make a landing in the water.

Speaking of the water, the MVP’s designed with nautical activities in mind. It can be quickly and easily transformed into an aquatic observation deck, complete with a pedestal seat on one end of the craft. Even better, the motor continues to run in this configuration, meaning you could feasibly use your plane as a boat if you want to go fishing.

MVP Aero Airplane 2

Pretty awesome, right?

In addition to transforming into a boating platform, the MVP can also be used as a tent – once the plane is landed, a fitted tent and air mattress can be set up in the event that you want to spend the night somewhere. There’s also a hammock that can be stretched out between the engine and tail of the craft. So…basically, this thing’s an all-in-one sports outing, capable of handling just about anything you want to do.

Tell me that isn’t awesome.

Of course, a product like this isn’t exactly cheap. If you want to preorder your own MVP, it’ll cost you between $164,500 and $184,500, depending on which model you’re looking to get – that’s more than some people’s houses. Still, if you’ve got the money for it, it definitely looks to be a worthwhile purchase.

Currently, the team behind the craft is recruiting professional pilots to act as their very first customers. If you’ve got all the qualities they’re looking for, you could get the MVP for $100,000 instead of the standard price. Not bad, right?

The craft won’t be on the market for a while yet, at any rate – the Experimental Amateur Build Kit has an estimated launch of 2017, while the Production LSA won’t be available until 2019 at the earliest.

MVP Aero Airplane 6

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