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N85 Residence by Morphinogenesis Architects


Now this is how you design a contemporary interior.  Never cold and sparse, the N85 Residence’s interior is filled with earth tones, natural woods and lush vegetation, providing a mood so warm and misty it is palpable.  Designed by the Morphogenesis architectural design firm, the detail in the N85 residence focuses on an emersion with nature reminiscent of even the Fallingwater home by Frank Lloyd Wright.  The front facia of the home is comprised of rectangular-patterned stone work, lined by slatted wood and panoramic windows.  But it is what is within these doors that makes it so special.  The central foyer of the home features a rock garden with lush plant life including palms, ferns and light grasses.  It is surrounded by light hardwood floors and deeper wood slatted walls set with clear glass for a roomy feeling and frosted glass for privacy.  The top level peers down onto the main floor below, overlooking the foyer garden.  Look at the pictures below and try not to fall in love…   [morphinogenesis via contemporist]




N85 Residence Gallery

Photography by Amit Mehra, Andre Fanthome, and Edmund Sumner