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Nest – Energy Efficient Thermostat

The systems most of us use to control our home climate are archaic at best, wasteful at worst.  The new Nest learning thermostat hopes to change that by intelligently, efficiently managing the temperature of our homes.  Nest monitors the temperature of a home, learns the daily habits of its users and adjusts itself to keep a house comfortable and efficient.  It’s also a beautiful little gadget, the brain child of the man who created the iPod for Apple, Tony Fadell.

With an easy install and a bit of basic rotary input, Nest learns when its users leave for the day, return at night, head to bed and wake in the morning.  When parents are at work and kids are at school, Nest turns off the heating/cooling to save money for the home.  Before its users arrive home from work or school, Nest begins heating or cooling the home to its desired temperature.  At night, Nest can keep the climate control in a high-efficiency mode while its users sleep.

How much can Nest save a typical American household on its energy bill?  Within two years, a moderate consumer of electricity should see around $500 in energy savings.  An investment in Nest to see those savings will run $250, available direct from Nest’s website or from Best Buy.  It’s not out just yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see an iPod/iPhone-style waiting line to get one of the first units on the morning of its release.  Designer Tony Fadell just has that kind of effect on people…

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