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Noem Smart Refuge Quick-Built Prefab House

In 10-weeks, this modular prefab home can be designed, constructed and then assembled on site. The Noem Prefab House takes advantage of fast, efficient and environmentally-friendly factory processes for smart home construction. Hence it’s title in Noem’s native Spanish, “El Refugio Inteligente” — the intelligent refuge. It’s an alluring, compact home, providing space for a young family wherever they wish to place it.

The Noem Prefab House is one of three prefab home designs in production by Noem. It’s the largest of the three, measuring at 775 sq. ft. of interior living space plus an outdoor patio. Together, the full indoor/outdoor living space from the factory built Noem house measures over 1,000 sq. ft. The goal of these modular designs is to provide customization options for Noem’s clients, including the ability to build larger than the 775 sq. ft. option here.

The Noem “El Refugio Inteligente” model was built for the needs of a specific client, and so far is the only one of its kind. To that end, this prefab is purpose built, but a direction Noem can explore for other clients given the 10-week turnaround from conception to completed construction.

The prefab technology used in this home has been explored sparingly throughout the world in recent years. Despite its promise of low cost, high efficiency building, prefab homes are still a novelty compared to conventional, on-site construction. That may change in time. Architects and builders around the world are once again developing prefab concepts now that the housing market has healed. We may see more by Noem and others in the years ahead.

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