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Retro-Minimal Horology: the Nomos Metro Watch

The Nomos Metro Datum Gangreserve Watch might be a mouthful, but its design is much simpler than its name.  That minimalism is central to its allure– it’s a basic timepiece with mid-century modern inspiration, referring to a time when the aesthetics of a watch was driven purely by its functionality.  In the case of the Nomos Metro Watch, that functionality is also classic in nature, it’s a mechanical watch with mechanical movement, not a simple battery-motor-dial setup.

In fact, the Nomos Metro Watch doesn’t use a battery at all.  When we say “mechanical watch”, we mean it’s a manual winding watch that requires frequent winding to maintain its measure.  The finest watches made today are still mechanical in design, using precision engineered parts to store wound-energy and display the time accurately for weeks before re-winding.  Like the others, the Nomos Metro Datum Gangreserve Watch (which you’re free to call it if you’re not a fan of brevity) is retro not just in aesthetics, but the power system that drives it as well.

The Nomos Metro Watch is available now for $3,600 flat.  Sound like an arm-and-a-leg compared to the Nixon and other entry-level watches on the market?  It is, but you’re buying a classic in this case, a piece of precision machinery that is designed to tick for decades and be passed on to your next generation.  Those alternatives will likely be replaced once their style is outdated.  This one will most certainly age gracefully.  Hey, just like you! [via uncrate]

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