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    Nooka Zizm Watch
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Nooka Zizm Watch

Nooka Zizm Watch

The next-gen horologists at Nooka have revealed their latest timepiece, the Nooka Zizm Watch.  With a faceted design philosophy, the Zizm watch forgoes curves for hard lines and edges that are at once modern and masculine, sharp and futuristic.  Under the faceted crystal lens, Nooka’s ZenH display presents the current time in hours, minutes and seconds split into 12-hour intervals.  Those top two bars show the hour, the third shows minutes while seconds tick away on the bottom.  The silicone strap of the Zizm watch continues the faceted theme with off-set angles rising and lowering around your wrist.  The strap can be sliced to fit its wearer, providing an individualized feel for wrists of nearly any size.

The Nooka Zizm watch is available in MB (the blue version shown immediately below) or TI, a grayscale verison of the Zizm watch.  Both begin shipping on October 24th, but pre-orders have begun now for $375 a piece.

Nooka Zizm MB Watch Nooka Zizm Ti Watch Nooka Zizm MB Watch Side View

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