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O House by philippe stuebi architekten

Philippe Stuebi‘s O House is a little slice of heaven on a lake in Vierwaldstättersee, Switzerland.  It is aptly titled, as its facade is perforated with large white “o’s” in front and a screen of smaller “o’s” in the back.  The design has a Brazilian modernist feel to it, reflective of works like the Palacio da Alvorada by Oscar Niemeyer.  While it is likely to stir “love it or hate it” emotions, this writer is firmly with the former.

While the front of the O House carries its signature design element, the rear is where the real success has been executed.  The home provides unparalleled views of the Swiss lake and Mount Pilatus in the distance, as the rear-facing windows are airy and open to the environment beyond.  This panorama is the focal point of the home, a natural mural around which the interior is furnished.

The amenities of the O House are fruitful, but none deserve as much attention as the indoor outdoor pool at ground level and the wide garage below.  Note the classic collection of red Ferraris teased below– that garage is as dreamy as the home built above.

Stuebi’s O House is a success in design from our perspective, a little slice of heaven with an unreal view and a nice collection of transportation to go with it.  Nicely done, Mr. Stuebi.  [via contemporist, photography by Dominique Marc Wehrli]

O House Gallery