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Open Air Home in Larkspur, California Offers Sunny Hillside Luxury

Have you ever dreamed of being able to enjoy a gorgeous view from both inside and outside your home? How about a view that encompasses both mountains and waters? That’s exactly what one advertising executive and his family in Larkspur, California decided he wanted to prioritize when they built this luxury hilltop home.

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The home and its innovative design are the result of a lengthy five-year collaboration with design company Jensen Architects. Specifically, designer Nicole Hollis was commissioned to help establish a spacious, modern aesthetic that maximizes the gorgeous view of Mt. Tam and the San Francisco bay from the home’s hillside point in Marin.

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The intent of both the designers and the family was to harvest a sense of family comfort and history while still establishing an open, modern environment that lets sunshine, fresh air, and great weather become a part of the home life experience. This is, in part, achieved by sticking to minimalist structures and open concepts in architectural design.

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In terms of decor, the home blends several textures and colour schemes while still keeping the minimalist theme in mind. Clean, spotlessly white kitchen counters contrast with a black chalkboard walled bathroom, reclaimed wood head and sideboards, and shaggy textured mats throughout the home all create a contrast that has character and personality but still lets the outside view take the spotlight no  matter where you go inside or outside the home.

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Moving out to the patio, you’ll find a breathtaking pool area designed to let you enjoy the sun, keep cool, and drink in the landscape around you. Sure, you can still see the gorgeous view from just about any room you settle down in on the inside of the house, but nothing compares to sitting outside to look over the hillside surrounding you.

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Perhaps what most establishes the home as a thoroughly modern and open building is the materials designers chose for the outer walls. Observing the house from the street or the air, you’ll see walls made of reflective materials that resemble mirrors in some parts, as well as glass walls that allow a floor to ceiling view outside from the bedrooms and lounge areas.

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In some areas of the home, like the dining area and the master bedroom, the walls even open up to the outside world, either ending half way up about the height of a fence or sliding open all together. These innovative designs take the idea of making a house “open concept” to a new level by literally opening up the living spaces to the outside world and the breathtaking view around it.

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While this particular house in Larkspur is a private home and not available to rent, we’re sure you’ll find no end of inspiration in these pictures and design concepts!

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