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    PAL V Flying Car Concept
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PAL V Flying Car Concept

This three-wheeled, two-propeller’d dreamcar is one that will allow you to explore the open road and the skies above.  The PAL V Flying Car Concept is a single-row twin-seater car/helicopter hybrid that can achieve speeds of up to 112 mph on the ground and 4,000 feet above.  After a quick transition, this motorcycle-style road car can achieve flight at moderate speeds thanks to a gyroplane rear blade.  This not only provides a bit of kick in addition to the top prop, it also provides greater stability to those uninitiated to heli-style flight.  You’re looking at a working prototype, and if the PAL V crew can generate enough interest, they could begin delivering production models in 2014.  WANT.  [via yatzer]

PAL V Flying Car Copter Gallery