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Paper Cutouts by Bovey Lee

When it comes to creating art with paper, paper cutter Bovey Lee has a rare talent, technique and imagination.  Her works scale a wide range of inspiration, from perfect geometric patterns to intricate, detailed storyscapes.  In one work, a butterfly plays host to flying machines and flowers.  In another, a monsoon washes away a city and its iconography.  In a third, a butterfly-patterned coat blows in the breeze in an eye-popping 3D fence.  Her works have a surrealist quality to them, where the viewer can stare and examine while Bovey Lee tells them a story with the paper cut details.  Like this sort of thing?  Be sure to check out our feature of 10 amazing papercraft artists.  If only we had seen Ms. Lee when we developed that article… [bovey lee via unstage]

Bovey Lee Paper Cutouts Gallery