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Peel Electric Mini-Cars

Since 1962, Peel Engineering has produced some of the world’s smallest production vehicles.  Having been the fascination of collectors and enthusiasts since the Peel factories closed, the attraction to simple-and-small transportation has only grown.  Today, Peel announces its return with new Peel Electric Mini-Cars.  The famed Peel Trident and Peel P50 will both return as electric cars or an internal combustion option with a small 49cc engine.  The former can climb to speeds of 40mph with a 20 mile range, while the gas version will earn 119 miles per gallon with the sampe 40mph top end.  They won’t be street legal in every country, but if you can drive one in your locale, this is an exciting way to get back to a time when small wasn’t only respectable, it was cool.  Goodbye, SUV! [via designboom]

Peel Electric Mini-Cars Gallery

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