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Alicia Keys Personality Type, Traits and MBTI Analysis

Alicia Keys is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist who embodies the INFP personality type, as per the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Alicia Keys’ INFP personality demonstrates strong traits associated with creativity, empathy, and a deep desire for inner authenticity which are evident in her soulful and introspective music.  Keys’ dominant functions include Introverted Feeling (Fi), Extraverted Intuition (Ne), Introverted Sensing (Si), and Extraverted Thinking (Te), which contribute to her unique approach to music and her commitment to being a positive role model. Keys is an Enneagram Type 9, which reflects her desire for inner peace and harmony. Alicia Key’s Enneagram Type is complemented by a Type 8 wing, which accounts for her strong, assertive streak. Understanding Alicia Keys’ INFP personality type and 9w8 Enneagram type sheds light on the qualities that contribute to her success, including her artistic vision, emotional depth, ability to connect with her audience, and assertiveness in pursuing her creative goals.

Alicia Keys’s MBTI and Enneagram Types
Alicia Keys’s personality type is INFP with a 9w8 Enneagram

The table below outlines Alicia Keys’ MBTI and Enneagram personality type, along with notable quotes and family members.

Alicia Keys Personality Type
Alicia Keys Myers-Briggs MBTI Personality INFP
Alicia Keys Enneagram Type 9w8
Alicia Keys Matching Personality Type INFJ, ESFJ, and ENFJ
Occupation Singer, songwriter and pianist
Quotes Everything you want to be, you already are.Be driven, be focused, but enjoy every moment because it only happens once.Love is accepting people for who they are and what they are regardless.Maturity and experience are part of my liberation.There is no way to be perfect, and no fun in being perfect.
Songs No One, A Woman’s Worth, Underdog
Birthdate January 25, 1981
Birthplace New York City
Father Craig Cook
Mother Teresa Augello
Children Egypt Daoud and Genesis Ali Dean
Siblings Cole Cook

Alicia Keys was born on January 25, 1981, in Manhattan, New York City, to Teresa Augello, a part-time actress and paralegal, and Craig Cook, a flight attendant. She has a half-brother, Cole Cook, from her father’s second marriage. Alicia Keys married Swizz Beatz (Kasseem Dean), a music producer, in 2010, with whom she has two children named Egypt Daoud Dean and Genesis Ali Dean. Alicia’s family background exposed her to the world of music from an early age, as her mother and grandmother were both professional musicians. Alicia’s talent and passion for music flourished, leading her to pursue a successful career in the industry. Throughout her journey, Alicia Keys’ INFP personality has played a significant role, driving her artistic expression and dedication to making a difference through her music.

This article offers a scientific analysis of Alicia Keys’ MBTI personality type, Enneagram type, Zodiac sign, career, successes, and behaviors in her work, family, and social life.

What is Alicia Keys’ Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Analysis?

Alicia Keys’ Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) analysis reveals that she is an INFP personality type, according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). INFP personalities, known as “Mediators,” are renowned for their Introverted (I), iNtuitive (N), Feeling (F), and Perceiving (P) personality traits. INFP personalities often express the ability to perceive and express themselves creatively, alongside their gentle and serene nature and the tendency to hide their emotions. Keys’ advocacy for social justice and philanthropic work aligns with the INFP traits of empathy and dedication to helping others.

The following five traits help exemplify Alicia Keys’ personality.

  • Creativity: INFPs are known for their creativity due to their dominant function of Introverted Feeling (Fi). Introverted Feelers such as Alicia Keys treasure authenticity and the singer’s music is often praised for its originality. Keys’ creativity is emboldened by the INFPs ability to learn over time and make adjustments as they work.
  • Perception: INFPs treasure their inner world possibilities and are receptive to feedback and the notion of change. A perfective nature makes Keys the perfect artist, as her willingness to make adjustments in response to feedback helps her craft unique and compelling works of art. INFPs do not like working to a schedule or targeted waypoints but rather work towards their view of an end goal, making connections and possibilities that other personality types might miss.
  • Gentleness: INFPs avoid conflict and prioritize harmony and understanding in their interactions with others. Alicia Keys exemplifies the charming and considerate INFP nature, making her music and personality even more engaging.
  • Reservation: Individuals with INFP personalities are often reserved and introspective. Alicia Keys is frequently regarded as a private person who cherishes personal space and time. As a natural introvert, Keys still enjoys taking time out to be alone and recharge her social batteries.
  • Empathy: INFPs are notable for their empathy and compassion towards others, frequently placing themselves in another’s shoes to understand their point of view. Alicia Keys’ music reflects her INFP personality by delving into themes of self-discovery, heartbreak, and love with emotional depth and honesty.

Which subtype of INFP is Alicia Keys?

The INFP subtype of Alicia Keys is INFP-A+, known as “The Leader.” Alicia Keys’ INFP Leader subtype is apparent in her determination and commitment to her music and philanthropic work. As an INFP-A+, Alicia Keys sets high goals for herself and approaches them with a playful learning mindset. Keys’ willingness to take chances and her adaptive nature further showcase the Leader subtype qualities.

What are the personality traits of Alicia Keys?

The following five core personality traits embody Alicia Keys’ INFP personality.

  • Idealism: The INFPs’ naturally dominant trait of intuition affords them the ability to see the larger picture of the world around them. Alicia Keys has often spoken about her beliefs in social justice and her desire to create a better world. Keys is passionate about the causes that are important to her, and she works hard to make a positive difference in those areas.
  • Authenticity: INFPs have a natural propensity for perceiving over judging, which allows them to remain authentic to themselves and their core beliefs. Alicia Keys demonstrates this through her genuine and authentic approach to her music and public persona. Keys’ authentic personality is exemplified by her decision to stop wearing makeup in public appearances and performances, choosing to embrace her natural appearance and encourage others to do the same.
  • Compassion: As a model INFP, Alicia Keys demonstrates her dominant trait of feeling by acting according to her values and beliefs instead of relying on cold logic. Alicia Keys has been involved in multiple humanitarian and charitable causes throughout her career. Keys is an influential philanthropist who co-founded Keep a Child Alive (KCA) and serves as a Global Ambassador for the organization.
  • Open-Mindedness: INFPs’ dominant preference for feeling and living life according to a moral and ethical code rather than relying purely on logic makes them more open-minded and non-judgmental individuals. Alicia Keys has often spoken about the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the arts. Alicia’s non-judgmental personality is evident in her role as a judge on “The Voice.” Despite her fame, she focuses purely on contestants’ talents and potential. Her feedback praises strengths and highlights areas for improvement without criticism.
  • Visionary: INFPs are intuitive dominant personalities, which affords them the ability to see patterns and potential solutions that other personalities overlook. INFP types are considered visionaries for their desire to find a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. Alicia Keys has spoken about her desire to create music that has a positive impact on the world and inspires others to make a difference. Keys exhibits an innate ability to express herself through her art, which is something most INFPs possess.

How is Alicia Keys’ personality type in family life?

Alicia Keys’ personality type is loving and compassionate in family life. Keys values harmony and emotional intimacy within her family, and as an INFP, Alicia prioritizes meaningful connections and understanding. Alicia Keys is willing to do anything for her family, a trait symbolic of her INFP Enneagram type 9 personality. Keys is supportive and loving, a combination that cultivates an atmosphere of warmth and support, allowing those closest to her the ability to explore and grow, safe in the knowledge that they always have a place to return to.

How is Alicia Keys’ personality in work life?

Alicia Keys’ personality type is creative and authentic in her work life. Keys values work that aligns with her own principles and thrives when expressing her individuality. Keys fosters a harmonious work environment through empathy and understanding in her collaborations. Her Enneagram Type 9 is fundamental in Keys’ creativity and optimistic drive towards success. Type 9s are peacemakers and focused on bringing people together, which is a feeling and experience that Alicia Keys creates for her fans. Key’s work focuses on artistic vision and having a positive impact on the world.

How is Alicia Keys’ personality in social life?

Alicia Keys’ personality in her social life is genuine and compassionate. These traits allow Keys to develop meaningful connections with those around her. INFP Type 9s seek out authentic and intimate social interactions. Alicia Keys is selective in her social circle, preferring quality over quantity and cherishing close friendships where she is able to express her true self. Keys’ INFP Enneagram Type 9 personality brings a sense of creativity and togetherness to her social interactions, engaging in deep conversations and sharing unique perspectives in a way that makes everybody feel at ease.

What is the best matching personality type for Alicia Keys?

The best matching personality types for Alicia Keys’ INFP personality type are ENFJs, INFJs, and ISFJs. Firstly, ENFJs share INFPs’ idealism and compassion while being outgoing and charismatic. The difference between them balances INFP’s introverted nature, enabling them to engage positively with others. Secondly, INFJs share INFPs’ intuitive and empathetic nature, prioritizing authenticity and creativity. Together, they form deep and meaningful relationships. Finally, ISFJs provide balance to the INFP’s idealism, bringing a more practical approach to life’s daily tasks and helping the INFP ground their ideas in reality.

Which Enneagram type is Alicia Keys?

Alicia Keys is an Enneagram type 9 based on her compassionate personality. Keys strives to create a peaceful and harmonious environment in both her personal and professional life. Her non-judgmental nature aligns with the Enneagram type 9, as she has a natural tendency to see the best in people. However, type 9s struggle with boundary-setting and risk becoming passive under stress, which reflects Keys’ personal and professional experiences. Overall, Alicia Keys embodies the qualities of the Enneagram Type 9 Peacemaker.

What is the Enneagram Type level of Alicia Keys?

Alicia Keys displays healthy traits and behaviors consistent with a level one or two Enneagram type 9, based on her public profile. Keys demonstrates a strong sense of individuality, authenticity, and a desire to make a positive impact through her music and activism. Her ability to embrace her emotions and express vulnerability suggests a comfortable level of self-awareness and personal growth.

What are the wings for Alicia Keys’ Enneagram type?

Alicia Keys could be classified as an Enneagram type 9w8 based on her personality traits and behaviors. The 8 wing for Enneagram Type 9 describes those who strive for harmony and peaceful co-existence, with a core focus on relationship building. The Enneagram 9w8 classification aligns with Alicia’s desire for a unified world and her tendency to avoid conflict. Alicia Key’s assertive and action-oriented attitude is consistent with the Type 8 wing, which is observed through her willingness to take risks, strong will, and independent nature.

How does Alicia Keys’ personality affect her career?

Alicia Keys’ INFP personality significantly impacts her career primarily due to her natural creativity and drive to remain authentic, especially in an industry famed for its falsity and bravado. Keys’ authentic nature and creative drive allowed her to launch her music career as a teen in the 1990s, gaining her worldwide recognition with her debut album, Songs in A Minor, released in 2001. As well as five Grammy awards, Keys’ albums such as The Diary of Alicia Keys, As I Am, and Songs in A Minor have earned her a place on the list of the best-selling music artists worldwide. Alicia Keys’ INFP personality allows her to learn and adapt herself to the challenges presented. This has seen Keys turn her hand to acting, authoring books, and coaching on “The Voice.”

Alicia Keys’ empathetic nature as an INFP personality type played a significant role in her success. Being an INFP, Keys has the ability to express herself genuinely through art, music, and writing, forming a deep connection with her audiences. Through her introspection and sensitivity to songwriting, she has created a loyal fan following. INFPs are visionaries who use their art to create social change based on their values and beliefs. Keys is known for her activism and advocacy for social justice issues and has an integral role in her career, using her platform to make a positive impact on the world.

How do Alicia Keys’ songs reflect her character?

Alicia Keys’ songs reflect her INFP character through their consistent themes of compassion, individuality, and introspection.

  • The lyrics of A Woman’s Worth exhibit Alicia Keys’ INFP personality. Keys values authenticity, empathy, and respect, traits that come through in her music. The song encourages men to treat women with fairness and highlights the value of women in relationships. The line “And a real woman knows a real man ain’t afraid to please her” demonstrates Alicia’s desire for mutual understanding and appreciation.
  • Keys’ song No One captures her INFP personality traits, including her pursuit of emotional intimacy and security, individuality, and harmony. The lyrics resonate with her introspective and empathetic INFP nature, expressing gratitude towards valuable relationships and the urge to protect them.
  • Keys’ song Underdog aligns with her INFP personality, showcasing her empathy and idealism. The lyrics “This goes out to the underdog, keep on keeping at what you love” reveal a deep sense of compassion for those in need and a desire to uplift and empower them. These themes resonate strongly with the INFP’s core values of harmony and authenticity, making the song a core insight into Keys’ personality.

How do Alicia Keys’ quotes reflect her character?

Alicia Keys’ quotes reflect her character by offering further insight into her INFP personality, as they showcase her values of empathy, self-awareness, and authenticity. The following five quotes reflect these traits.

  • Alicia Keys’ INFP personality type is characterized by a strong sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance. INFPs typically strive to live authentically, enhancing their overall life satisfaction. Through Keys’ music, listeners experience her personal experiences and values. Her songs about love and empowerment have gained widespread recognition.

“Everything you want to be, you already are.”

  • INFPs often balance ambition and drive with appreciation for the present moment, as is the case with Alicia Keys. Her personality type is often goal-oriented yet introspective, finding purpose in pursuing passions while taking time to reflect. Keys exemplifies this, as she is involved in various philanthropic efforts, including working with the Keep a Child Alive Foundation to make a positive impact.

“Be driven, be focused, but enjoy every moment because it only happens once.”

  • INFPs are known for their empathetic and compassionate nature, often seeking to establish emotional connections with others. With a strong sense of social justice, INFP personalities often work to support various causes. Alicia Keys exemplifies this as an advocate for various causes, such as gun control and LGBTQ+ rights, which aligns with her values of acceptance and equality.

“Love is accepting people for who they are and what they are regardless.”

  • Alicia Keys, like other INFPs, values personal growth, viewing it as empowering and liberating. Mediators are known to reflect on their lives and desires and actively seek greater self-understanding and identification with the world around them. Keys is an excellent example of this, as she openly shared her experiences with self-doubt and insecurity, converting these situations into opportunities for self-improvement.

“Maturity and experience are part of my liberation.”

  • Keys’ idealistic nature is a defining characteristic of INFPs, which fuses with a recognition of life’s complexities and contradictions. Alicia Keys embodies this, along with her sense of humor and humility and her ability to embrace imperfections and mistakes. Keys’ honest and vulnerable reflections on her experience balancing career and family life as a working mother are testament to her candidness and relatability

“There is no way to be perfect, and no fun in being perfect.”

What is the harmony between Alicia Keys’ zodiac sign and her personality type?

The harmony between Alicia Keys INFP personality and her Aquarius zodiac sign lies in a shared desire for positivity and authenticity. INFP personalities and Aquarians share various qualities, including empathy, introversion, and resourcefulness. Both Aquarius and INFP types value genuine expression and frequently seek to make a positive impact on the lives of others, whether through a quest for social justice or through artistic outlets. Alicia Keys is an artist who is unafraid to challenge the status quo, a hallmark of both the INFP personality and those with an Aquarius sign. However, Aquarians are generally drawn to progress and innovation, while INFPs prefer stability and consistency in their lives. There is no direct scientific link between personality type and zodiac sign. One key difference noted between INFPs and Aquarius types is that INFPs have a more introspective and emotional approach to life, while Aquarians tend to adopt a more analytical and logical style.

Keys is known for her empathetic and resourceful approach to music and activism, which aligns with her Aquarian nature and INFP personality. She is committed to promoting positive change and social justice issues, reflecting the progressive and innovative nature associated with Aquarians. However, her preference for a more introspective and emotional approach to her work is more indicative of her INFP nature than her zodiac sign.

Which singers share an MBTI type with Alicia Keys?

The following five singers share an INFP personality type with Alicia Keys.

  • Bob Marley: Both Alicia Keys and Bob Marley share an INFP personality type. While exploring themes of individuality, authenticity, and social justice through their music, they inspire their audiences to make a positive impact in their communities. Their music challenges societal norms and encourages listeners to live purposeful lives filled with compassion.
  • Bob Dylan: Alicia Keys and Bob Dylan are known to possess an INFP personality characterized by creativity, empathy, and introspection. They effectively employ their music to express their innermost feelings and social and political views via thought-provoking lyrics.
  • Corinne Bailey-Rae: Both Alicia Keys and Corinne Bailey-Rae demonstrate empathetic and introspective INFP qualities through their music. Both musicians advocate for social issues, adding depth and meaning to their music. Reflections of their individuality and authenticity are notable in personal style and fashion choices.
  • Bjork: Alicia Keys’ songs reflect her INFP character through their consistent themes of compassion, individuality, and self-discovery. Similarly, Bjork’s music often explores the complexity of human emotions, embracing vulnerability and raw authenticity. Both artists’ music transcends typical genre boundaries and offers a unique perspective on the human experience.
  • Donald Glover: Alicia Keys and Donald Glover are renowned INFP artists who utilize artistic expression to depict their individuality and explore their inner worlds. The music and acting they produce reflect their traits of sensitivity, idealism, and empathy towards others. Both have consistently advocated for societal issues, using their platforms to inspire positive differences in the world.

Who are similar characters to Alicia Keys?

The following five celebrities share an INFP personality type with Alicia Keys.

  • Johnny Depp: Johnny Depp is known for his versatility and ability to immerse himself in diverse roles, much like Alicia Keys’ versatility in her music. Both share an INFP personality, which allows them to tap into their emotions and bring a depth of authenticity to their creative endeavors.
  • Zooey Deschanel: Zooey Deschanel, an actress and singer-songwriter, embodies the INFP personality type. Like Alicia Keys, she possesses a whimsical and introspective nature, which is reflected in her music and acting choices. Both artists share a genuine and relatable charm that resonates with their audiences.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, an actor and filmmaker, shares an INFP personality with Alicia Keys. Both artists possess a deep passion for their craft and approach their work with sincerity and authenticity. They strive to create meaningful connections with their audience through their creative expressions.
  • Princess Diana: Princess Diana, known for her compassion and empathy, exhibited traits of an INFP personality. Her dedication to humanitarian causes and her ability to connect with people on a personal level reflect the introspective and caring nature of an INFP.
  • Audrey Hepburn: Audrey Hepburn, renowned for her elegance and grace, had an INFP personality. Her artistic talents, philanthropic efforts, and gentle demeanor exemplify the sensitive and idealistic qualities commonly associated with the INFP type.