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Mariah Carey Personality Type, Traits and MBTI Analysis

Mariah Carey is a singer, songwriter, and actress with an ESFJ personality type according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI defines sixteen personality types and assigns unique traits to measure someone’s character. Mariah Carey is an ESFJ and consequently demonstrates extroversion, sensing, feeling, and judging characteristics. ESFJs make for excellent educators, counselors, leaders, and humanitarians due to their traits. Carey’s MBTI personality type also corresponds with Enneagram Type 3. Enneagram Type 3 stems from the Enneagram personality typology, which is separate from the MBTI. Mariah Carey’s Enneagram Type 3 personality means she is a highly driven individual with overachieving tendencies.

Mariah Carey's MBTI and Enneagram Types

ESFJ Mariah Carey was born on the 27th of March 1970 in Huntington, New York. Mariah began singing at the age of three and released her first number-one single, “Vision of Love,” seven years later. Mariah’s parents are Patricia Carey, a former opera singer and freelance vocal coach, and her father, Alfred Roy Carey, a former aeronautical engineer. They divorced in 1973. Mariah has two older siblings, Alison and Morgan Carey.

Mariah met her ex-husband Nick Cannon in 2008. The couple welcomed twins Moroccan and Monroe Cannon three years later and divorced three years following the twins’ birth.

The table below outlines Mariah Carey’s personality type and family background.

Mariah Carey Personality Type
Mariah Carey Myers-Briggs MBTI Personality Type ESFJ
Mariah Carey Enneagram Type Enneagram 3w2
Mariah Carey Matching Personality Type ISFP
Occupation Singer, Songwriter, Actress
Famous Quotes Whatever you’re going through in your life, don’t ever give up.If you see me as just the princess then you misunderstand who I am and what I have been through.You really have to look inside yourself and find your own inner strength, and say, “I’m proud of what I am and who I am, and I’m just going to be myself.”
Songs All I Want for Christmas, Make it Through, Butterfly
Birthdate 27 March 1970
Birthplace Huntington, New York, United States
Father Alfred Roy Carey
Mother Patricia Carey
Children Moroccan Scott Cannon, Monroe Cannon
Siblings Alison Carey and Morgan Carey

Mariah Carey’s unique and interesting ESFJ Enneagram Type 3 character traits helped her excel in her music career, give back to people in need, and be an exceptional mother to her two children. Today, we’ll delve into Mariah Carey’s ESFJ personality type, including how it affects her family, work, and social life. Well also examine the best personality type match for someone like Mariah and whether or not her Zodiac sign aligns with her MBTI personality.

How is Mariah Carey’s Myers-Briggs (MBTI) analysis?

Mariah Carey’s Myers-Briggs (MBTI) analysis indicates she has an ESFJ personality type. ESFJ personalities tend to be aware of other people’s emotions, outgoing in social situations, and always willing to participate in helping those around them. Our analysis indicates that Mariah Carey exhibits four notable ESFJ traits.

  • The first ESFJ trait Mariah Carey shows is extroversion. Mariah Carey showcases her extroverted ESFJ personality in various ways. For example, Carey’s extroverted personality shines through in her singer-songwriter career as she frequently performs in front of millions of people.
  • The second ESFJ trait Mariah Carey displays is sensing. The sensing trait means Carey prefers concrete ideas over theories and values sensory experiences. Mariah Carey’s sensing-dominant personality is evident in her visually dazzling outfits, often adding jewels and glitter to her ensemble.
  • The third ESFJF trait Mariah Carey shows is feeling. Mariah’s feeling ESFJ personality traits are evident in her dedication to helping others through humanitarian work and charity donations. Carey even received a Congressional Horizon Award in 1999 for her contribution to youth charities and non-profit organizations.
  • The fourth ESFJ trait Marey Carey portrays is sensing. Carey’s sensing-judging dominant personality makes her practical and structured. Mariah Carey excels at managing her numerous responsibilities— whether that be her role as a mother, singer, actor, or humanitarian.

Which subtype of ESFJ is Mariah Carey?

Mariah Carey is an Assertive ESFJ-A subtype. Carey is a textbook ESFJ-A subtype because she is an assertive leader with strong willpower, passion, and a level of honesty that sets her apart from the more restrained Turbulent ESFJs. Assertive ESFJs like Mariah are confident characters that enjoy working hard, helping others, and chasing what they believe in.

What are the personality traits of Mariah Carey?

Below are the five key personality traits that identify Mariah Carey as an ESFJ personality.

  • Passionate: ESFJ Provider types are passionate about their beliefs. Mariah Carey loves what she does; from performing on stage to her charitable work, she approaches everything with maximum effort.
  • Confident: Naturally extroverted, ESFJ types exude confidence. As a performer, Mariah Carey cuts a confident figure who relishes being on stage and isn’t afraid to stand up and be seen.
  • Generous: The ESFP Provider is generous to a fault. Their willingness to give to others knows few bounds, a trait heavily evident in Mariah’s continued charitable contributions and endeavors.
  • Dependable: ESFJs mean what they say and follow through on their promises. Mariah Carey is a committed individual who delivers on her promises no matter what.
  • Empathetic: ESFJ types are attuned to others’ emotions, a trait visible in the way Mariah Carey in her lyrics and the way she connects with her fans on a personal level.

How is Mariah Carey’s personality type in family life?

Mariah Carey’s ESFJ personality in family life is empathetic and supportive. Mariah’s ESFJ personality helps her to co-parent effectively while maintaining an amicable relationship with her ex-husband. Carey shares twins Moroccan and Monroe with ex-husband Nick Cannon. The pair separated after eight years of marriage, deciding to share custody of their children. Mariah’s selfless ESFJ personality allows her to support Cannon, keep the peace, and do what’s best for her children.

How is Mariah Carey’s personality in work life?

Mariah Carey’s ESFJ personality in her work life is practical, dedicated, and loyal. Carey’s dedication to both her music career and philanthropic endeavors makes her a highly successful character. Mariah Carey had a quick and student rise to superstardom, and after weathering the highs and lows remains passionate about what she does and loyal to the fans she’s accumulated along the way. Throughout her career, Mariah Carey has produced 86 singles, 19 of which made it to number one on the charts, yet her passion for music remains as strong as ever.

How is Mariah Carey’s personality in social life?

Mariah Carey’s ESFJ personality helps her social life, making her a loyal, supportive, and reliable friend. ESFJs are known for standing by their friends and for making strong and long-lasting relationships with those they hold dearest. Mariah Carey forms deep and meaningful relationships with people. Carey is close friends with Jay-Z. The pair have been friends for over two decades since the release of their song “Heartbreaker” in 1999.

What is the best matching personality type for Mariah Carey?

The best matching personality type for Mariah Carey and her ESFJ personality would be someone with an ISFP personality. ISFP types are a great match for Mariah’s ESFJ as they share a similar standard of values. However, the introverted ISFP is happy to allow the extroverted ESFJ to take the lead in most affairs. ESFJs and ISFPs are in tune with their emotions which allows them to form strong, healthy, respectful, and two-sided relationships.

Which Enneagram Type is Mariah Carey?

Mariah Carey is an Enneagram Type 3, which we also know as an ESFJ achiever. Enneagram Type 3 ’s are highly driven individuals who will do anything they can in order to reach their goals. The goals Enneagram Type 3 sets for themselves aren’t always the easiest to obtain; however, their problem-solving personalities allow them to think outside the box and find a way to accomplish anything they set their mind to. Mariah Carey’s Enneagram figurine paints Carey as a healthy Enneagram with potential wings to both Enneagrams 2 and 4.

What is the Enneagram Type level of Mariah Carey?

Mariah Carey is an Enneagram Type 3 level 1. An Enneagram’s level of development helps to illustrate an Enneagtype’s overall personality health by grouping them into three categories and nine levels. The three categories are healthy, average, and unhealthy, and we believe that Mariah sits in the healthy category as a level 1.

Level 1s are charitable, modest, and authentic, and Mariah, throughout her career, has shown all of these traits in some way. Firstly, she has been charitable through her humanitarian work. Secondly, she has shown modesty by treating others as equals and not letting her fame get the better of her. And thirdly, she has been authentic, as she has always stayed true to herself and stuck to her own passions and goals.

What are the wings for the Enneagram type of Mariah Carey?

Enneagram 3s form wings with their neighboring Enneatypes, creating an Enneagram 3w2 or Enneagram 3w4. Mariah Carey is an Enneagram 3w2. Carey is an extroverted character who loves to be helpful but, in return, thrives on the adulation she receives for her hard work. The reciprocal cycle of results and praise keep Mariah Carey pushing for new and greater successes. Enneagram 3w2 needs its presence acknowledged and base its status on the level of adulation, which explains Mariah Carey’s history of being called a diva.

How does Mariah Carey’s personality affect her career?

Mariah Carey’s ambitious, driven, and outgoing ESFJ personality has hugely benefited her career. Carey brings an unbridled passion to what she does. Her ESFJ Enneagram Type 3 personality combination sees her set a string of goals and work tirelessly to achieve them. Mariah released her debut single at 20 years old. Vision of Love made it to the top of the charts in August of 1990. Since then, Mariah has produced 19 number-one singles and 15 studio albums. She has also won 125 awards, including five Grammy awards.

Mariah’s goal-orientated, social, and dedicated ESFJ personality traits are what have helped her with her music career, allowing her to make connections with producers and other singers in the industry, produce incredible chart-topping music, and, most importantly, achieve her dream of becoming a star.

How do Mariah Carey’s songs reflect her character?

Mariah Carey frequently writes love songs, which are a firm indicator of her emotionally intelligent and passionate ESFJ personality type .

Below are three lyrics that accurately reflect Mariah Carey’s ESFJ personality.

Maria Carey captures the passionate and supportive traits of the ESFJ with the following lyrics from Just to Hold You Once Again.
Even though you’re not my lover, Even though you’re not my friend, I would give my all, To have you here.

ESFJ types are emotional and driven by a deep-burning passion that can be seen in the strength of their partner bonds. Carey captures this in the opening lines to her hit single Butterfly.
When you love someone so deeply, They become your life.

Mariah Carey exhibits the ESFJ Enneagram Type 3 trait for determination in the opening single to her tenth album, Charmbracelet.
I can make it through the rain, I can stand up once again On my own, and I know, That I’m strong enough to mend

How do quotes of Mariah Carey reflect her character?

Below are five Mariah Carey quotes that accurately reflect her ESFJ character.

  • Mariah Carey displays her generous and supportive ESFJ personality in the following quote.

    “This is for all of you out there tonight, reaching for a dream – don’t ever give up! Never ever listen to anyone when they try to discourage you because they do that, believe me!.”

  • ESFJs are selfless personalities, and Mariah Carey demonstrates this in the following quote.

    “I’ve been blessed to live my dream more than half my life, so I want to help give that back to someone else.”

  • Mariah Carey is a dedicated character who gives her all at work and to her friends, as captured in the following quote.

    “I work myself into the ground. But I think I’m a nice friend and a good person, and I try to do my work as best I can.”

  • ESFJ types are highly loyal to their friends and family, a trait that can also be a character weakness, something Mariah states succinctly in the following quote.

    “I’m actually very loyal, to my detriment.”

  • The naturally generous and passionate nature of Mariah Carey’s ESFJ character is captured in the following quote.

    “I love giving gifts. It’s almost like I don’t open my gifts until, like, three days after Christmas ’cause I want to give everyone else their presents.”

What is the harmony between Mariah Carey’s Zodiac sign and her personality Type?

Mariah Carey’s zodiac sign is Aries which sits in good harmony with her ESFJ personality type. Aries and ESFP personalities share four key personality traits. Firstly, Aries and ESFJs are typically confident leaders who will do anything in their power to help the community. Secondly, an Aries and an ESFJ share the trait of being meticulously organized in everything they do. Thirdly, both an Aries and an ESTJ are highly driven people who will stop at nothing to get to the top. Finally, both an ESFJ and an Aries are extremely generous individuals who enjoy helping those around them in any way they can.

Although there isn’t any scientific research that links astrology and personality typology, by looking at both Mariah Carey’s zodiac sign and her MBTI personality type, we can see that there are commonly shared traits that align the two together very well.

Who are other ESFJs singers besides Mariah Carey?

Below are five famous ESFJ singers similar to Mariah Carey.

  • Jennifer Lopez: Lopez is a passionate and driven character whose extroverted personality and desire to be the best made her a household name across music and movies.
  • Shakira: Shakira embodies the kind and generous nature of the ESFJ and, much like Mariah Carey, is known for her tireless charity work.
  • Elton John: Elton John is a flamboyant character who has a large social circle but remains highly loyal to a small close group of friends. Much like Mariah Carey, Elton John is passionate about what he does and always strives to give back where possible.
  • Taylor Swift: ESFJs are empathetic and often self-sacrificing for their friends, traits that are easily recognizable in both Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey.
  • Geri Halliwell: Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is an empathetic character who uses her status to help others and is heavily involved in a great many humanitarian efforts. Much like Mariah Carey, Halliwell’s generosity knows no bounds.

Who are similar characters to Mariah Carey with the ESFJ personality type?

Below are five characters with the same ESFJ personality type as Mariah Carey.

  • Simone Biles: Multi-gold medal-winning Olympian Simone Biles has a similar level of dedication to Mariah Carey. Both share the ESFJ’s drive for self-improvement.
  • Hugh Jackman: Jackman is a friendly and charitable character whose generosity and willingness to go above and beyond for his friends typifies him as an ESFJ.
  • Danny Glover: ESFJ types are often pillars of their community. Danny Glover is renowned for his peaceful political activism and as a passionate voice for change.
  • Steve Harvey: Steve Harvey is an enthusiastic and extroverted character who demonstrates his ESFJ character through his self-sacrificing nature and eagerness to help others.
  • Prince William: Prince William is a happy, easy-going character who is involved in many different charities. Much like Mariah Carey, William’s selfless nature personifies his ESFJ personality.