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30 ENTJ Famous People and Fictional Characters

Famous ENTJ People

Famous ENTJ people and fiction characters share the dominant functions of Extroversion (E), iNtuition (N), Thinking (T), and Judging (J) according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The MBTI assesses and groups personality into one of the sixteen types according to a person’s dominant functions, traits, preferences, and motivations.

Celebrities with the ENTJ personality type are highly goal-oriented, charismatic individuals who prefer leadership roles. They excel at focusing on the big picture, solving intellectually-challenging problems, and building successful careers. ENTJs are commonly called “Commanders” because of their innate determination and occasionally intolerant, arrogant personas. Commander celebrities are particularly well-known for their strong, domineering ENTJ traits.

The following thirty famous people and fictional characters all exhibit ENTJ traits.

  • Margaret Thatcher
  • James Cameron
  • Al Gore
  • Lex Luthor
  • Sheryl Sandberg
  • Steve Jobs
  • Princess Leia
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Vlad III Dracula
  • Scarlet Overkill
  • Jack London
  • Deddy Corbuzier
  • Mikhail Bakunin
  • Clodovil Hernandes
  • Ben Finegold
  • Mr. T
  • Lampião
  • Chester King / Arthur
  • Eleanor Barnes
  • Steve Smith Sr.
  • Judge Lauren Lake
  • Yousra
  • Gustave Eiffel
  • Lima Duarte
  • Luiz Fernando Guimarães
  • Lucius Sweet
  • Mao Dun
  • Ettore Boiardi
  • Chris Appleton
  • Paulo Sérgio Rosa

1. Margaret Thatcher

Baroness Margaret Thatcher (1925 – 2013) was an English politician and famous Commander. She led the Conservative party and served as Britain’s first female prime minister. Commonly referred to as the “Iron Lady”, Thatcher demonstrated many ENTJ qualities that were equally praised and criticized. For some, her determination and uncompromising leadership style focused on the big picture and uplifted Britain’s businesses. For others, Margaret Thatcher was intolerant and arrogant, two notable ENTJ weaknesses. She destabilized British trade unions and enforced policies that were detrimental to the working class.

Margaret Thatcher was a polarizing leader and ENTJ. She was married to Sir Denis Thatcher and had two children, twins Mark and Carol. They, along with British people, remember her for her unyielding and efficient ENTJ personality, captured by the following Margaret Thatcher quote below.

“I do not know anyone who has gotten to the top without hard work. That is the recipe. It will not always get you to the top, but it will get you pretty near.” — Margaret Thatcher

2. James Cameron

James Cameron (born 1954) is a Canadian filmmaker and renowned ENTJ best known for directing many Hollywood classics, such as The Terminator, Aliens, and Titanic. He exemplifies the extremely goal-oriented and stubborn qualities of the ENTJ. James Cameron is a hard-headed and intolerant perfectionist who demands a lot from his cast and crew. Though his film sets are difficult to work on, Cameron holds himself to equally high standards as is typical of Commander types. Additionally, his ENTJ efficiency pays off as Cameron is the first director to gross over $2 billion worldwide among many other accolades.

James Cameron’s difficult ENTJ personality carries over into his personal life. He’s been married five times, most recently to American environmental advocate, Suzy Amis Cameron. He has four children from past relationships, including a daughter with American actress and Terminator star, Linda Hamilton.

The quote below displays James Cameron’s determination as an ENTJ and the unyielding belief in pursuing one’s goal.

“There are many talented people who haven’t fulfilled their dreams because they overthought it, or they were too cautious and were unwilling to make the leap of faith.” — James Cameron

3. Al Gore

Al Gore (born 1948) is a former vice president of the United States, an outspoken environmentalist, and a well-known ENTJ. He served under President Bill Clinton and ran against President George Bush during the 2000 presidential election. Gore is a goal-oriented, charismatic ENTJ who won the popular vote but lost to the electoral college. As an ENTJ, his leadership style focuses on the big picture by prioritizing climate change and environmental reform. That said, Gore also displays the stubbornness and rigidity of Commander types. He’s unwilling to compromise, even if it’s the public or legislative opinion that he should.

Since the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore has focused on his work as an environmental activist. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his efforts (jointly held with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC) and wrote several books, including An Inconvenient Truth and The Assault on Reason.

The following quote exemplifies Al Gore’s confidence as a Commander type.

No matter how hard the loss, defeat might serve as well as victory to shake the soul and let the glory out.” — Al Gore

4. Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is a fictional ENTJ character and supervillain featured in DC comics. He exemplifies the extremes of the Commander personality type by acting as the primary rival and foil of Superman. Lex is dangerously charismatic, confident, and determined. He frequently does everything in his power to control the masses and defeat Superman. Lex Luther displays the Commander type’s intolerant nature by being an extremely cruel and uncompromising character. That said, Lex occasionally works with other heroes if it’s the rational thing to do.

Lex Luthor has a strong desire to lead, as is typical of Commanders. He even becomes president of the United States at one point in the comics. The quote below expresses his superiority complex as a fictional ENTJ leader and supervillain.

“Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it’s a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe.” — Lex Luthor

5. Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg (born 1969) is an American businesswoman, billionaire, philanthropist, and ENTJ celebrity. She exemplifies the efficiency and objectivity of ENTJs. Sandberg is a figurehead at Meta Platforms (formerly known as Facebook), previously serving as its chief operating officer (COO). Before that, she worked as vice president of global online sales and operations at Google. In both roles, Sandberg was a charismatic and imaginative yet rational and objective ENTJ leader. Her highly goal-oriented personality helped her build her career and become a billionaire.

Sandberg played a key role in turning Facebook into a profitable website. For her efforts, Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2012. She and her late husband, Adam Grant, were active members of The Giving Pledge, a charitable organization run by the extremely wealthy to support various causes.

The quote below captures Sheryl Sandberg’s fierce, goal-orientated ENTJ personality.

“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” – Sheryl Sandberg

6. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011) was an American businessman, entrepreneur, and famous ENTJ. He demonstrated the innovative and imaginative side of ENTJs types by being the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple. Alongside Steve Wozniak, Jobs helped pioneer the computer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s. He revived Apple and helped develop iconic products like the iMac, the iPhone, and the iPod. Jobs’ intolerant and stubborn ENTJ personality juxtaposed his contributions to technology. Steve Jobs was difficult to work with and settled only for perfection, much like fellow ENTJ celebrity James Cameron.

Jobs left behind an enormous, albeit polarizing legacy. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously and had four children, including Lisa Brennan-Jobs, with whom he had a difficult relationship.

Steve Jobs is remembered for his innovations and his turbulent persona. The quote below demonstrates his determined and passionate ENTJ personality.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” — Steve Jobs

7. Princess Leia

Princess Leia is a fictional ENTJ character created by George Lucas and played by American actress Carrie Fisher. Leia is one of the main protagonists of Star Wars and a prime example of a Commander personality. She is fierce, stubborn, determined, and highly confident. Leia takes charge of difficult situations and is unwilling to bow to injustice. As an ENTJ, she gravitates towards leadership roles like the rest of her family. Leia acts as a senator, mentor, and maternal guide throughout the series.

Princess Leia married Han Solo and has one son, Ben Solo (better known as Kylo Ren) in the current canon. Although a strong leader, Leia displays a sharp wit and rude attitude that is typical of ENTJ types. The quote below captures her abrasive, take-charge thinking as a famous ENTJ.

“I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but from now on you’ll do as I tell you, okay?” — Princess Leia

8. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882 – 1945), or FDR, was the 32nd president of the United States and a renowned ENTJ. He was fiercely determined, displaying the charisma and confidence characteristic of his Commander personality type. Roosevelt acted with objectivity and focused on the big picture to uplift the American people during the Great Depression. One of Roosevelt’s greatest achievements was the New Deal, a series of relief programs for the impoverished and vulnerable.

FDR was a highly popular president, serving a record four terms (he’s the only U.S. president to serve more than two). The Second World War especially cemented his legacy as a famous Commander and president. Alongside the other Ally figureheads, Roosevelt’s wartime leadership helped overturn the rising tide of the Axis power and transform the United States into a superpower.

The following quote captures Franklin D. Roosevelt’s empowering leadership skills and unyielding ENTJ personality.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

9. Vlad III Dracula

Vlad III Dracula, also known as Vlad the Impaler, was the 15th-century leader of Wallachia, a Romanian hero, and a renowned Commander. Dracula’s legacy aligns with the ENTJ personality archetype. He demonstrated ruthless efficiency and cold determination as a war leader. Dracula fought against the Ottomans and other Eastern European powers of the time, gaining a reputation for impaling his enemies on spikes. Few reliable accounts exist of his personality, but stories about Dracula’s ruthlessness and intolerance of opponents are representative of the Commander’s ferocity. Legends of his fearsome ENTJ nature spread across Europe, making him one of the most well-known medieval rulers.

To cement his legacy further, Dracula inspired the name of Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula. A combination of Romanian vampire folklore and Dracula’s bloody history influenced Stoker, though he had only a vague understanding of Wallachia. Stoke also made no contemporary references to the actual Dracula in his book.

10. Scarlet Overkill

Scarlet Overkill is a fictional ENTJ character and villain from the animated film Minions, the third installment of the Despicable Me franchise. She exemplifies several Commander traits through her child-friendly villainy. Scarlet is an efficient antagonist who displays a domineering, take-charge attitude characteristic of her personality type. Scarlet treats her allies like her husband, Herb Overkill, very well—highlighting the charismatic side of ENTJs. She is a witty, elegant, and thoughtful leader whose confidence is not easily swayed.

She captures the Commander’s confidence and charisma in the following quote.

“Doesn’t it feel so good to be bad?” — Scarlet Overkill

11. Jack London

Jack London (1876 – 1916) was an American author, activist, and renowned ENTJ best known for writing The Call of the Wild and White Fang. London was a radical literary figure who demonstrated Commander traits like confidence and determination. He was a quick-witted yet rugged activist who liked to support the underdog. His strong ENTJ leadership skills were evident in his support of causes like socialism, workers’ rights, and animal rights. London was also highly charismatic, like other Commanders. He was a talented public speaker and his extroverted personality turned him into an international celebrity, garnering a dedicated fan following in the process.

A pioneer of American fiction, London’s imaginative ENTJ mind knew no bounds. He wrote over fifty books, in addition to hundreds of short stories and articles. The quote below echoes London’s determination as a writer and ENTJ.

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” — Jack London

12. Deddy Corbuzier

Deddy Corbuzier (born Deodatus Andreas Deddy Cahyadi Sunjoyo, 1974) is an Indonesian TV host, Youtuber, retired mentalist, and ENTJ celebrity. He displays the determination and imaginative nature of Commander types. Corbuzier built a successful career as an entertainer and magician, a feat only achievable by his innate drive and confidence. Corbuzier’s ENTJ personality is additionally evident through his charisma. Successful magicians like Deddy Corbuzier require charm and tact to effectively enchant audiences with their tricks.

Corbuzier has won various awards and nominations for his work as a talk show host. He’s been married twice and is currently married to Sabrina Chairunnisa.

13. Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail Bakunin (1814 – 1876) was a Russian revolutionary anarchist and renowned Commander. He serves as an unapologetic, stubborn example of the ENTJ personality type. Bakunin was a leader and founder of collectivist anarchism. His radical mindset called for change across Europe. As an ENTJ, he was intolerant of what he viewed as tyranny from the Russian Empire. Mikhail Bakunin’s radical views led to his arrest and imprisonment. He eventually escaped and went on to live the rest of his life in self-exile.

Despite being gone from Russia, Mikhail Bakunin continued to be an outspoken anarchist. He further exemplifies the ENTJ personality through his uncompromising stance on revolutionary socialism and social anarchism. He opposed Marxism and accurately predicted the one-party dictatorship of the Marxist regime.

The following quote echoes Mikhail Bakunin’s bold views as a famous Commander.

“The passion for destruction is also a creative passion.” — Mikhail Bakunin

14. Clodovil Hernandes

Clodovil Hernandes (1937 – 2009) was a Brazilian fashion designer, politician, and ENTJ celebrity. He displayed ENTJ traits like determination, intolerance, and charisma. Before entering politics, Hernandes was a famous fashion designer. His ENTJ charm, elegant designs, and outgoing persona led to a highly successful television career, characterized by the Commander’s frank nature. Clodovil Hernandes later entered politics, becoming the first openly gay Brazilian congressman. He displayed intolerance through his controversial statements, though remained highly popular and charismatic.

15. Ben Finegold

Ben Finegold (born 1969) is an American chess grandmaster, live streamer, and well-known Commander. The Commander’s dominant cognitive function of Extroverted Thinking (Te) drives ENTJs like Ben Finegold. As a chess wiz, Finegold is a highly rational and objective thinker. He carefully thinks through his actions and makes decisions based on careful assessment rather than emotions. Finegold is also imaginative, which is another prominent ENTJ trait. He began using the Twitch live-streaming platform to entertain both new and lifelong fans.

Finegold holds many chess accreditations. He was first issued the title of Master by the US Chess Federation at age fourteen and formally became a Grandmaster at age forty by the International Chess Federation.

The quote below captures Ben Finegold’s unyielding ENTJ determination for his favorite sport.

“I loved chess and if I lost it did not matter to me. That’s the main thing you have to do to get better at chess—if you lose hundreds of games in a row, that’s OK.” — Ben Finegold

16. Mr. T

Mr. T (born Laurence Tureaud, 1952) is an American actor, former wrestler, and famous ENTJ best known for his roles in The A-Team and Rocky IIII. He is highly dedicated to his public persona, which exemplifies a confident ENTJ personality. Mr. T is fierce and charismatic, if occasionally rude and arrogant. He puts on a domineering air that is only outshined by the copious amount of gold he wears and his distinctive, Mandinka-inspired hairstyle.

The quote below serves as Mr. T’s trademark saying and an example of the Commander’s fierce nature.

“I pity the fool!” — Mr. T

17. Lampião

Lampião (born Virgulino Ferreira da Silva, 1897 – 1938) was a Brazilian bandit leader, folk hero, and renowned Commander. He demonstrated strong leadership skills as an ENTJ. He led a group of 100 cangaceiros (bandits) during the Cangaço bandit phenomenon in Brazil. He successfully fought against government forces while outnumbered, displaying an unyielding sense of ENTJ confidence. As a Commander, Lampião’s charisma helped propel myths of his exploits to the local populace, turning him into a folk hero.

Lampião had one daughter with his wife and fellow bandit, Maria Déia (better known as Maria Bonita or Beautiful Maria). Their romance has been subject to pop culture retellings of love and violence.
His ENTJ confidence came to an end in 1938 when paramilitary police killed Lampião, his wife, and several members of his bandit group. Lampião’s legacy is on par with that of outlaws Jesse James and Pancho Villa. His relationship with Maria Bonita is also likened to the American criminal couple Bonnie and Clyde.

18. Chester King / Arthur

Arthur is the codename of Chester King, a fictional ENTJ character and supporting antagonist of Kingsman: The Secret Service. English actor Michael Caine plays Chester. Like other ENTJ types, Chester appears objective and rational. He provides what he believes are logical reasons for his nefarious actions over purely emotional sentiments. Chester is also rude to Eggsy, the main character of the film. He believes he and the other Kingsmen were above Eggsy’s social class, highlighting the arrogance and overconfidence found in the Commander personality type. Due to his character weaknesses as an ENTJ, Chester is foiled by Eggsy and meets his end.

19. Eleanor Barnes

Eleanor Barnes (born 1996), better known as Snitchery, is a social media influencer, beauty guru, cosplayer, and ENTJ celebrity. Most ENTJ types lean towards practical career paths like business or management, but Barnes highlights the imaginative side of her personality through her “beauty-based cosplaying”. Eleanor Barnes creates striking and visually-impressive cosplays that frequently go viral. Her large online following is a clear indicator of her innate ENTJ charisma and confidence. In fact, she’s one of the most recognizable creators on TikTok due to her magnetic charisma and cosmetic talents.

20. Steve Smith Sr.

Steve Smith Sr. (born 1979) is an American former football player and renowned Commander. He demonstrates the ENTJ type’s tenacity, efficiency, and determination through his highly successful football career. He is one the most successful wide receivers in football history, receiving three All-Pro accreditations and five Pro Bowl distinctions.

Football fans adore Smith for his signature ENTJ charisma and confidence. He is unafraid to give back to his community, working with Samaritan’s Feet to provide shoes for the homeless alongside his wife and four kids. Smiths is also known for his unapologetically sharp wit and rude ENTJ-like sense of humor as seen in the quote below.

“I look in the eyes of all my victims before I take their lunch money.” — Steve Smith Sr.

21. Judge Lauren Lake

Judge Lauren Lake (born 1969) is an American television judge and well-known ENTJ. Her outgoing Commander personality has led her to host the Emmy Award-winning, daytime television show, Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court. Judge Lake is unapologetically confident in her judicious rulings, even though it’s for the sake of entertainment. Her unflinching ENTJ nature allows her to tackle sensitive topics like race and politics on her show. Judge Lauren Lake additionally demonstrates her Commander personality through her innate drive and determination. She pursues other career paths on top of show hosting, including writing, motivational speaking, and consulting.

22. Yousra

Yousra (born Seveen Nessim, 1955) is an Egyptian actress and famous Commander. Her innate charisma and confidence are indicative of an ENTJ personality. Yousra serves as a highly influential, glamorous icon in Egypt. Her charming persona as a Commander type enables her to hold influence, gain public approval, and sway others’ opinions. Yousra additionally leads a successful film career, working alongside well-known Egyptian actors like Adel Emam.

23. Gustave Eiffel

Gustave Eiffel (1832 – 1923) was a French civil engineer and renowned ENTJ who served as the creative mind behind the Eiffel Tower. Gustave Eiffel exemplified the rational, determined, and goal-oriented ENTJ. He relied on science and careful planning to create the Eiffel Tower, which many doubted would be possible. In addition to other constructs, the Eiffel Tower is a testament to Gustave’s objective eye as a civil engineer and judicious ENTJ nature.

Gustave Eiffel liked to keep busy, as is typical of Commander types. He was married to Marie Gaudelet and raised five children. After retiring from engineering and settling down with his family, Eiffe studied and contributed to the scientific fields of meteorology and aerodynamics. He focused on those fields in particular because wind forces affected his buildings.

The quote below illustrates Gustave Eiffel’s logical and rational ENTJ mannerisms.

“The first principle of architectural beauty is that the essential lines of a construction be determined by a perfect appropriateness to its use.” — Gustave Eiffel

24. Lima Duarte

Lima Duarte (born Ariclenes Venâncio Martins, 1930) is a Brazilian actor and ENTJ celebrity best known for his roles in the Brazilian telenovelas, O Bem-Amado and Roque Santeiro. His Commander personality type is evident in his personal background and successful acting career. He came to São Paulo decades ago to sell mangoes, but Duarte’s innate ENTJ drive and determination pushed him to take control of his life and make changes. He began working in radio, before transitioning to television and film. Duarte is now one of the most recognizable TV actors.

Lima Duarte has been married four times and has four children, including a stepdaughter, Debora Duarte. Debora and his step-grandchild, Paloma Duarte, are both actresses.

25. Luiz Fernando Guimarães

Luiz Fernando Guimarães (born 1949) is a Brazilian actor and famous ENTJ best known for appearing on the Brazilian TV sitcom, Os Normais. He has an extensive career and diverse portfolio, a testament to his highly motivated ENTJ personality. Guimarães has been a regular face on Brazilian TV since the 1970s. His charismatic ENTJ personality helped make him popular after appearing in television commercials for a government bank. Like other Commander types, Guimarães pursues other ventures in addition to acting. He was previously part of the Asdrubal group which wrote and self-produced plays.

26. Lucius Sweet

Lucius Sweet is a fictional ENTJ character from The Simpsons and a parody of American boxing promoter Don King. The late American actor Paul Winfield served as Lucius’ voice. Lucius is extremely determined like other ENTJs. During his brief appearances on the show, he’s motivated to win boxing matches no matter the cost. He logically chooses the better boxer, Drederick Tatum who is a parody of American boxer Mike Tyson over boxer-turned-bartender Moe Szyslak. Lucius is extremely arrogant and intolerant, thinking poorly of other characters. As is typical of fictional ENTJs, Lucius is also a criminal; he rigs boxing matches and is even seen being arrested for tax evasion.

27. Mao Dun

Mao Dun (born Shen Dehong, 1896 – 1981) was a Chinese writer, author, playwright, and renowned Commander. Mao Dun showcased the outgoing, goal-oriented nature of the ENTJ personality type. He pursued many forms of writing, from essays and scripts to short stories and novellas. Like other ENTJs, Mao Dun gravitated towards academic pursuits. He studied European literature and translated western works, particularly that of the Scottish novelist Walter Scott. Mao Dun’s most famous work, Midnight, made one of the most well-known novelists of 20th century China.

28. Ettore Boiardi

Ettore Boiardi (1897 – 1985), better known as Hector Boyardee, was an Italian-American chef, well-known ENTJ, and founder of Chef Boyardee. Boiardi displayed many ENTJ characteristics like determination and confidence. He worked his way up from peeling potatoes as a chef’s apprentice to becoming the head chef of a highly successful restaurant in Cleveland. The Commander’s determination is further evident in how hard Boiardi worked to build his skills and later develop a brand. He immigrated to Paris, London, and later New York City to learn from top chefs.

Like other ENTJs, Ettore Boiardi’s ambition was not easily stated. He and his brother Paolo went on to create a brand of canned pasta products. Their business expanded to national distribution, leading to the formal creation of the household product, Chef Boyardee.

29. Chris Appleton

Chris Appleton (born 1983) is a British hair stylist and famous ENTJ. He demonstrates several key traits of the Commander personality through his successful career and public persona. Appleton’s ENTJ motivation was apparent from age thirteen when he began working for hair salons. He soon began traveling to London to learn from expert hair stylists. From there, Chris Appleton slowly but surely built a name for himself—further highlighting ENTJs’ innate drive and determination.

Chris Appleton now styles for high-profile names like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian. ENTJs like Appleton also enjoy juggling other goals. Appleton occasionally models and maintains a large social media following—all while raising two children with his ex-wife.

30. Paulo Sérgio Rosa

Paulo Sérgio Rosa (born 1969) is a Brazilian former football player and an ENTJ celebrity. Rosa, called Viola by fans, exhibits the Commander personality through his charismatic persona on the pitch. Although not as well-known as some Brazilian stars, fans liked Rosa’s innate charisma. Like other ENTJ people, Paulo Sérgio Rosa is highly motivated. He enjoyed a prolific career and played for many Brazilian teams before stepping away from playing full-time in 2000.

What are the common features of ENTJ famous people?

The five most common features of ENTJ famous people are strong leadership skills, rational thinking, determination, confidence, and intolerance. Ball State University additionally describes Commanders as natural-born leaders who are deeply career-focused. The innate drive of famous ENTJs proves pivotal to their success as many of them maintain or previously maintained challenging but fulfilling careers.

Four celebrities exemplify the common features of ENTJ famous people. Firstly, President Franklin D. Roosevelt demonstrated the strong leadership skills of ENTJs. He successfully held a four-term presidency during two major events, the Great Depression and the Second World War. Secondly, Steve Jobs and James Cameron both demonstrate a confident, determined yet intolerant Commander personality type. They’re both well-known perfectionists who set high goals for themselves and those around them. Finally, Gustave Eiffel exemplified the rational thinking of ENTJ types. He was a profoundly successful civil engineer who relied on logic and science to create many successful constructs like the Eiffel tower.

Who are the famous actors and actresses with the ENTJ personality type?

The most famous actors and actresses with the ENTJ personality type are Mr. T, Yousra, Lima Duarte, and Luiz Fernando Guimarães. These celebrities stand out because creative pursuits like acting do not interest most ENTJs. Although they’re naturally charming, ENTJs are better suited for film roles that allow them to take charge and make decisions, as in the case of director James Cameron.

ENTJ celebrities Mr. T, Yousra, Lima Duarte, and Luiz Fernando Guimarães excel as actors because they’re confident and charismatic. American actor Mr. is a particularly good example of a famous actor with an ENTJ personality. His character is fiercely confident, if at times arrogant and domineering. Mr. T comes off as someone who likes to charge and get things done, which is indicative of a Commander personality.

Who are the famous economists with the ENTJ personality type?

There are few famous economists with the ENTJ personality type because ENTJs typically do not have the temperament for the field. ENTJ types excel in challenging, goal-oriented career paths like politics or entrepreneurship. Commanders appreciate structure and intellectual challenges but may find a career in economics to be stifling due to their charismatic persona. Furthermore, ENTJ types like to take charge which may not be ideal for economics unless they’re in a leadership role.

Who are the famous authors and writers with the ENTJ personality type?

The most famous authors and writers with the ENTJ personality type are Jack London and Mao Dun. Writing doesn’t interest most Commander types because it’s not challenging enough for their hands-on personality type, much like acting or music. Commanders like Mao Dun and Jack London are exceptions because they used writing to confidently express their beliefs and write a personal narrative that was uniquely their own.

American author Jack London particularly exemplifies the Commander personality type. He was a rugged, radical literary figure. London’s innate confidence and charisma helped him build a successful career as a writer while championing many social causes.

Who are the celebrity musicians with the ENTJ personality type?

There are not many celebrity musicians with the ENTJ personality type because ENTJs gravitate towards practical career paths. Commander types are naturally charismatic, but they don’t enjoy being the center of attention or performing for groups like the people-oriented ESFP personality type. ENTJs instead prefer leadership roles and thus dislike the lack of agency musicians often experience. In addition, Commanders are not typically creatively-gifted because they prefer logical pursuits and hands-on hobbies.

Who are the celebrity athletes with the ENTJ personality type?

The celebrity athletes with the ENTJ personality type are Paulo Sérgio Rosa and Steve Smith Sr. Commander types like hands-on activities that complement their natural extroversion and rational attitude. Paulo Sérgio Rosa, Steve Smith Sr., and most other ENTJs are well-suited for professional sports because of their innate confidence and determination.

The former American football player Steve Smith Sr. is a great example of a celebrity Commander. He’s unapologetically charismatic if rude, as seen by his jabs at the opposing team. Smith also demonstrates the determination characteristic of the ENTJ type through his highly successful football career and philanthropic efforts.

Who are the most famous fictional characters with ENTJ traits?

The most famous fictional characters with ENTJ traits are Lex Luthor, Princess Leia, Scarlet Overkill, Chester King (Arthur), and Lucius Sweet. Fictional ENTJs tend to be villains because they can exemplify the extremes of the Commander personality type. Fictional ENTJs are ruthlessly efficient and intolerant yet lovably charismatic and confident.

The Star Wars fictional character Princess Leia typifies many ENTJ traits without being a villain. Leia is confident and determined. As a Commander, she takes charge of dangerous situations and is shown in leadership roles throughout the series. Leia also tends to be rude and intolerant of others, like other ENTJ types.

Who are the most famous business people with the ENTJ personality type?

The most famous business people with the ENTJ personality are Sheryl Sandberg, Steve Jobs, Gustave Effiel, and Ettore Boiardi. These famous Commanders prove that business is a fantastic ENTJ career path. Each individual was highly successful in their career because they had the confidence and take-charge attitude required to build companies, take risks, and make a name for themselves.

Steve Jobs is an excellent example of a famous ENTJ in business. He was an innovative and imaginative Commander who helped pioneer the computer revolution. Jobs was essential in making the Apple brand a household name. His success was arguably thanks to his ENTJ perfectionist tendencies, intolerant work ethic, and uncompromising self-confidence.

What are the traits of an ENTJ?

The traits of an ENTJ are rationality, confidence, determination, arrogance, and charisma as defined by an MBTI personality test. ENTJs are drawn to leadership roles because of their natural charisma and tendency to take charge of difficult situations. Commander types additionally strive to think and act rationally, but their self-confidence comes off as arrogance. People with ENTJ traits tend to believe they’re in the right and hold both themselves and others to incredible standards.

How did these celebrities discover they were ENTJ?

These celebrities may have discovered they were ENTJ by taking the MBTI personality test. The MBTI test is a self-assessment that categorizes a person’s preferences, traits, and motivations into one of sixteen personality types. None of the celebrities in this article have disclosed they’re ENTJ, but we can infer their personality by analyzing the MBTI’s definition against the traits they exhibit. The famous Commanders we’ve explored in this article are all leader types whose careers and personal lives are defined by confident and charismatic personas.

How do ENTJs deal with popularity?

ENTJs deal with popularity very well, though they don’t really care about being popular. Commanders are naturally charismatic leader types so people tend to gravitate towards them. That said, famous ENTJs like James Cameron or Steve Jobs care more about getting things done and achieving goals than they do about being well-liked. Popularity is simply a consequence of an ENTJ’s goal-orientated, take-charge personality.

What is the ENTJ population percentage?

The ENTJ population percentage is 4.5% according to research, making the Commander type fairly rare. ENTJ women are more common than ENTJ men, with 5.6% of women having the personality type. Meanwhile, ENTJ men are among the rarest, accounting for only 1.3% of the general population. ENTJ compatibility with other personality types is skewed in favor of Commander women, though they’re rarer than other types.

What other personality type is the best match for an ENTJ?

The other personality type that is the best match for ENTJ relationships is INTP, known as the “Thinker” personality. Thinkers and Commanders appear very different on the surface, but their contrasting traits complement each other. ENTJs can fulfill the leadership roles INTPs need in order to enact their ideas. People with ENTJs traits further provide the direction and confidence INTPs need to come out of their shells. Meanwhile, INTPs serve as a source of intellectual conversation Thinking-types like ENTJs appreciate.