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Pitsou Kedem’s Tel Aviv Penthouse is an Unusual Sight Amidst the Turmoil

Tel Aviv still has its fair share of problems these days, but it would be hard for the resident of a brand new penthouse complete with its own infinity pool to notice. Built by Pitsou Kedem, this Tel Aviv penthouse features an infinity pool, along with one-of-a-kind views over the city below. It also features a full-length balcony filled with Frangipani trees, a local plant found in many other Tel Aviv gardens. While it’s hard to draw any connections between the penthouse and the people living on the streets below, it might also be worth remembering that some people are keen to escape the unease that is a part of daily life in the city.

In addition to the infinity pool, which is an obvious features to point out, there is an abundance of transparent, teak framed, sliding doors which allow for the opening and closing of the various internal spaces. The architects say this allows the city to “merge into the apartment,” but also serves to regulate the climate and give residents an unhindered look at the sky line. As they describe on their website: “The levels of transparency and exposure are regulated using various methods of shading. Thus long and continuous lines of sight are preserved from one of the apartment to the other.”

Finishes throughout the house use the style of French architect Jean Prouvé as a framework, whose work was unembellished and focused on the idea of practicality. This translates into exposed concrete walls in the living room, a metal bookcase, and the signature pool being completely covered with dark stone. These simple design choices also make it easier to showcase the client’s impressive collection of art, each of which relates to a specific room in order to complement it perfectly. [hat tip: trendland]

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Antokolsky Penthouse by Pitsou Kedem | Gallery