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Planning The Ultimate Rock Star Bachelor’s Party


Your friend is finally getting married. Before he ties the knot, it’s time for you and your friends to send him off in the most memorable way possible. We’re not talking bowling, steak and gentleman’s clubs, we’re talking about “The Ultimate Rock Star Bachelor’s Party”, something different for the creative type in your group of friends. If you want to create a night to truly remember, we’ve got suggestions for the gear, the outfit and the plan for the rock star in your group. It’s his last night to party like a bona fide rock star, and that’s precisely what we had in mind…

  • Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX HD – Extended battery life to last all night, a 4.7-inch HD display and fast browsing with Chrome. Keep your group connected and the status updates comin’.
  • Fujifilm X100S Digital Camera – Pro quality components, point-and-shoot versatility for photos that will last a lifetime. Add an Eye-Fi card and your DROID’s data service to upload images on the spot. – $1299
  • Monarch Playing Cards – A nightcap goes better with a game of poker, especially when played with this stylish set. It’s Casino Royale quality wherever you want to play. – $7
  • Churchill Cigar Set – Includes a polished steel cigar shell, cutter and slim flask in a fine black leather case. Protip- get this baby monogrammed for the groom as a send-off gift. – $99
  • Uber Private Driver App – Get home safe and in-style with your own private driver requested via app. Most large metro areas are serviced, check app site for more info. – $/ride

The Outfit:

  • Lookmatic Vesper Black Sunglasses – Contemporary, masculine sunglasses like these speak volumes about their wearer. We dig them for the clear retro influence in a modern package. – $65
  • Mutewatch Pure Black – A secret agent watch for a well-dressed man. This sleek and minimal wrist band displays the time when touched, and rotates through displays when swiped. – $259
  • Bass Buckingham Oxford Shoes – A classic, skirting the line between formal and casual, perfect for the big night. Wear them to a fine meal, wear them to a rock show. – $89
  • Howe “The Finest Trouser” – Stylish, no-nonsense blacks to build your look from the shoes up. The price is right for a stylish pair of trousers like these. – $98
  • Howe Personal Jesus Blazer – A simple stunner that’ll make James Bond blush. Wear it with the suggested pants or rock it with jeans, it’s a statement blazer. – $189
  • Richard Chai Arc Classic Shirt – Basic enough to blend into the blazer, strong enough to stand on its own. If this isn’t for you, any white shirt will do. – $90

The Plan:

Step One: Hit the Track in the Ultimate Dream Car

Lamborghini Gallardo by Jeffrey de Ruiter Photography

It’s not every day that a group of friends get to hit the track in a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ferrari F430. A bachelor party is just the special day to get behind a wheel like that. At the Dream Car Sprint, you and your friends can drive a Lambo or Ferrari like these on a specially-designed autocross track. If the bachelor has a streak of car lust in him, this is the perfect first stop on the ultimate thinking man’s bachelor party. Available in most large metro areas. [image courtesy: jeffrey de ruiter]

Step Two: Record Your Own Hit Single

Recording Studio by Colin Gordon

A state-of-the-art recording studio isn’t reserved only for music industry royalty, it can be available to most any paying customer. If that’s you and a group of friends and a musically-inclined bachelor, you can block off a few hours to record a song of your own that the man of honor will never forget. Every city of a decent size should have at least one full-service recording studio, and you may want to call far in advance to get a good sense of when you can set aside some time. If everyone chips in, you can gift your groom with a day to remember and a song to walk away with. Just know that it’ll take a lot of planning on your end and some practicing too. Let the studio manager explain what it’ll take, and how they can help you have a song ready to record a vocal and add some groomsmen ad-libs. [image courtesy: colin gordon]

Step Three: Get Back Stage – the Original VIP Treatment

Backstage Access by Neil Krug

Let’s see– we’ve driven a supercar, we’ve recorded a song in a state-of-the-art studio, why not continue the rock star dream and experience a show from the eyes of the band? There are ways of getting back stage at your concert of choice, and it certainly helps to have connections. Our colleagues at AskMen explored this subject in detail, and we concur with their findings. Note that getting access for a full bachelor party group is asking a lot, especially if you’re already deep into the drinks. Aim to get the bachelor access on his own, while the rest of you enjoy the show from the crowd. Call in favors from friends in the media, ask the venue for box/vip tickets or even contact the band’s manager directly. It can’t hurt to ask, and the memory you give the groom will last a lifetime. [image courtesy: neil krug]

– – – – –

Your friend is about to walk down the aisle and you’ve just sent him off with an incredibly memorable night. It’s the ultimate thinking man’s bachelor party for the creative type, from the race track to the recording studio to the backstage pass. Is there a bachelor’s party idea you think fits or beats this plan? Hit us up on facebook or twitter and share your idea– or your story for your past bachelor’s party experience.