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Prefab Student House by Tengbom

Student housing has always been a bit compact, but these new prefab housing units by Tengbom Architects offer big living in just 10 square meters of space.  A collaboration between Tengbom Architects, students at the University of Lund in Sweden and the wood manufacturer Martinsons has led to the construction of a prototype unit currently on display at the Virserum Art Museum.  22 of these 10 sqm units will be constructed for student living in early 2014, and despite their small stature, they’ll likely be in high demand once they’re open for occupants.

These small prefabricated student housing units feature a lofted sleeping area up top, an open area for cooking, eating, relaxing and studying below, and a small bathroom with a door for privacy.  These housing units provide nearly everything a student needs to live happily, albeit in a compact space.

The concept of small living isn’t new, but it is constantly evolving.  This entry by Tengbom and collaborators is a step in the right direction, and one that might even inspire more activity from Sweden’s own furniture giant Ikea.  These compact living units can be a great option for more than just students, as they could be a great option for disaster relief, housing for the homeless or even a second vacation home for a city dweller who wants to stretch their legs.  It’s a great idea, it simply needs to be explored further just like Tengbom did in this iteration.  [architect: tengbom architetcs. photographer: bertil hertzberg]

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