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Psychiko House by Divercity Architects

Is it an art gallery, a classic car museum, an entertainment lounge, a private residence or all of the above?  The Psychiko House by Divercity Architects is a work of architectural art in itself, a multi-purpose building that is shared between its inhabitants and their guests.  Its basement features a collection of finely-restored classic cars and modern art by Jeff Koons, Paul McCarthy and Vanessa Beecroft.  Its ground floor is as much about the space around it than the interior within, featuring sweeping patio spaces that snake around the house with a swimming channel that feeds into the pool on the rear deck.

The private sections of the home rise to the second level, hidden from view with slatted privacy screens and simple curtains.  The interior is contemporary and cool, given an earthy edge by the warm hardwood floors at is base.  The contemporary elements of the ground level match those of the exterior, snaking along with curvy contours but punctuated with inviting modern furnishings.  While the below ground level has the feel of a museum, the main level is all about the comfort of those within.  In total, it’s a visually stunning work by Divercity Architects and their team of builders, decorators and consultants.  [images by erieta attali]

Psychiko House by Divercity Architects | Gallery