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Punta House by Marcio Kogan

We haven’t ever attempted to disguise our bias, but we feel that Marcio Kogan is one of the world’s greatest living residential architects.  His Paraty House is a top five favorite of ours, so any new works of Kogan and his group at StudioMK27 commands our undivided attention.  The Punta House is amongst Marcio Kogan’s latest works, a simple structure that continues the architect’s aim of crafting long, angular structures of wood, stone and concrete that are heavy with visual vanishing points and personally-crafted furnishings.  Like other Kogan works, the Punta House is basic in concept, in that a rocky roof is raised by a wood wall and pillar structure that leaves a wide open space that serves as an extension of the environment around it.  The end of the interior and the beginning of the exterior are nearly indistinguishable, providing a direct connection with the environment around this home.  It’s another success by Kogan, and a home where we wouldn’t mind spending the slower months of our year.  While it may not have the coastal beauty of the Paraty House, the Punta House is an escape to wide plains and open skies…  and how can you not want a slice of that?

Punta House Gallery

Punta House Credits

Project > punta house
location>  Punta del´Est . Uruguay
project > september ,2009
conclusion >  january ,2011
site area > 10.740 m2
builted area >  465 m2

author >  marcio kogan
co-author >  suzana glogowski
interior design co-authors >  diana radomysler . beatriz meyer
collaborator >  helena montanarini
team >  carolina castroviejo . eduardo chalabi
eduardo glycerio . eduardo gurian . elisa friedmann . gabriel kogan
lair reis . luciana antunes . maria cristina motta . mariana simas
oswaldo pessano . renata furlanetto . samanta cafardo