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Ralph Lauren Automotive Flying Tourbillon

Beyond the fashion label that bears his name, Ralph Lauren is a genuine curator of cool.  The 74-year-old clothing magnate also boasts one of the most-respected personal car collections in the world, including many of the most legendary automobiles ever built.  The pearl of his collection is the 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, a vehicle that has in-turn inspired a new luxury article of clothing– the Ralph Lauren Automotive Flying Tourbillon.

The connection between Lauren’s love of cars and his company’s work in watch design is quite sensible.  Both cars and watches share the discipline of fine mechanical craftsmanship, and Lauren has taken the iconography of a classic Bugatti and poured it into the design of this new timepiece.  The “flying tourbillon” is the exposed piece of machinery in its face, a system that drives the watch to spin in perfect, precise timeliness.  There’s wood grain around the dial, just like in the instrument cluster of the old Bugatti, and the fine interior appointments are echoed on the glossy leather band attached to this watch case.

This isn’t the first time Ralph Lauren created a watch inspired by automotive legends.  The Ralph Lauren Sporting Watch recalls this very same Bugatti, but it does so without that marvelous flying tourbillon.  How much will this new version and its 28-jewel construction cost at retail?  No official word yet, but chances are it’ll be a lot more affordable than a classic Bugatti.

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