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Recycled Wind Turbine Playground

Wikado Playground 2012 Architecten 1 Recycled Wind Turbine Playground

The Wikado Playground located at a grade school in Rotterdam, Netherlands is a sustainable play place designed by 2012Architecten. While the term’ Turbine Blade’ might make one leery at first, the entire outdoors play area is a safe playground which uses five old wind turbine blades which were then cut up and reassembled and welded to create a cost efficient and fun place for the children. Portions of the park include tunnels for the kids to frolic through, towers that look like spaceships and even benches and seating for parents to eat and rest.  [via inhabitat]

Wikado Playground 2012 Architecten 11 Recycled Wind Turbine Playground

Recycled Wind Turbine Blade Playground Gallery

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