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    Reflectius Clock by Art Lebedev
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Reflectius Clock by Art Lebedev

Another week, another brilliant clock by Art Lebedev.  The Reflectius Clock by Lebedev follows up another recent clock concept by this design crew, the Segmentus Clock that we published earlier this month.  While the last clock used a mixture of mechanical arms and frosted glass, this clock uses lasers and mirrors to tell the time.  A single laser tells the time in this clock, bouncing off mirrors which switch position to show a different time on the Reflectius Clock’s display.  That red laser light switches each second, showing time in one of the most amazing layouts we’ve seen yet.  And we’ve seen a lot– be sure to check out our feature on modern clocks to get a sense of what else is out there in the world.

Reflectius Clock Gallery