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    Renard Grand Tourer Motorcycle
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Renard Grand Tourer Motorcycle

Kick the Kawasaki, ditch the Davidson and get yourself something both rare and ravenous– the Renard Grand Tourer Motorcycle.  This sexy street beast is 125 horses of V2 glory, a carbon-fiber and kevlar cruiser that’ll take you to 143 mph if the desire arises.  While it reminds us a bit of the Confederate B120 Wraith, this one’s a bit more streamlined (and a bit less naked) by design.  While that may not make it better than the Confederate, it certainly doesn’t make it worse.  This is the kind of bike you take on the road to find out who the true bike nuts are.  You’ll know them by the turning heads and the mutterings of “what the hell was that?”  Anyone else might just be too scared to look.  [renard motorcycles via theawesomer]

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