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    Designer Dining: 10 Magnificent Modern Restaurant Designs
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Designer Dining: 10 Magnificent Modern Restaurant Designs

Restaurant Design – When dining out, the atmosphere is often as important as the food.  While a great design will never save a bad meal, it can make a great culinary experience truly legendary.  These ten temples of cuisine are amongst the world’s most beautiful restaurants, places where fine food and delectable design come together.  Bring your appetite– and enjoy ten of the world’s most amazing modern restaurants.

L’Arc Paris Restaurant + Club

L’Arc Paris Restaurant is quite aptly named– right across from those large windows is the famed Arc de Triomphe, one of Paris’ most popular landmarks.  This restaurant and night club is the latest hot spot in Parisian nightlife, an exclusive locale for wheelers and dealers, the rich and the famous.  The design of this establishment is courtesy of Prospect Design, a French interior firm that splits its time between Paris and Dubai.  When dining at L’Arc Paris, you won’t need to go far for your after dinner drink.  A swank nightclub sits right below the dining section, awaiting your advance with neon-heavy hotness.

L’Arc Paris Restaurant Gallery

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant – New Zealand

This isn’t exactly the Swiss Family Robinson, this treehouse restaurant is as high class as it gets.  The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand delivers fine dining in a stunning natural environment.  18 dinner guests dine in this chrysalis-shaped treehouse that reaches 40m from the ground at its peak.  Dig this sort of thing?  We also included the Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in our list of amazing Treehouse Architecture, 10 Brilliant Topiary Masterpieces.  Don’t miss it!

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant Gallery

Mestizo Restaurant Chile

The Mestizo Restaurant in Santiago, Chile is a truly progressive monument to design and dining.  It’s foundation is composed in part by large rocks which support an over-reaching wooden shelter, stretching from the kitchen in back, over the restaurant indoors and onto a large deck patio.  The design isn’t an easy one to wrap your head around, and if it weren’t set with dining tables one might mistake the Mestizo Restaurant for an art gallery, museum or even a temple.

Mestizo Restaurant Gallery

Dogmatic Restaurant NYC

Sit down dining isn’t a requirement for a designer restaurant, and the gourmet sausage company Dogmatic in NYC is a prime example.  This industrially-inspired restaurant features swivel-style doors, exposed bulb lighting, playful wall illustrations and a long central slab of wood for those who don’t opt for take-out.  Wooden seats are available on arms connected to the central table, ready to be pulled out for quick comfort while the dog is digested.  If you find yourself in Union Square, stop by Dogmatic NYC for a designer take on gourmet fast food.

Dogmatic Restaurant Gallery

SALA Restaurant – Phuket

When it comes to open air dining, there are few restaurants more refined and luxurious than the SALA Restaurant of Phuket Island, Thailand.  SALA’s design is pure eye candy, featuring an outer lounge with terraced pools and an inner pavilion with a slatted mosaic ceiling.  The views of the Andaman Sea are breathtaking, especially if you are lucky enough to book SALA at a sunset hour.  While there is no shortage of luxury in Phuket, SALA is amongst this island’s most exotic dining experiences.

SALA Restaurant Gallery

Pizza East – London

Pizza East of London shares the industrial design sensibility of Dogmatic NYC, but on a much larger, more reclaim-friendly scale.  Pizza East stretches across 5,700 sq. ft. of ground level retail in the old Tea Building of London.  The architect, Michaelis Boyd, maintained much of the gutted character of the space, keeping the exposed concrete pillars, beams, pipes and ductwork all true to the original.  The tables and chairs provide no frills, just real, honest character in this stunning industrial setting.  If you’ve visited, let us know about the pizza in the comments– we’re getting hungry writing all of this.

Pizza East Gallery

Nomiya Temporary Restaurant – Paris

Now that’s a view.  The Nomiya Temporary Restaurant in Paris is sadly no longer, but if you were amongst the few to dine within you were treated to a nearly unparalleled view of Paris, bested only by the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower in the distance.  The Nomiya Restaurant was set atop the Palais de Tokyo Musuem, a modernist departure from the classical architecture below.  Nomiya was quite small, mostly steel and glass, serving only a handful of very privileged diners each evening.  We’re jealous.

Nomiya Temporary Restaurant Gallery

Bangalore Express – London

The design of the Bangalore Express in London accomplishes two goals in one– first, to maximize the available space to accommodate more diners, and second, to recall the experience of Indian rail travel.  Booths are stacked one on top of the other, with a pipe ladder lifting patrons to the double-decker seating.  The design is no gimmick, as beyond the seating alone the color scheme and angular paint design makes it a pleasure to the eyes.  All aboard!

Bangalore Express Gallery

Zense Restaurant – Bangkok

Our list of restaurant design returns to Thailand, this time to the city of Bangkok.  Zense Restaurant is a luxury hot spot on a grand scale, stretching across multiple floors each with their own environment.  The main floor features a wide set of stairs that climb to an balcony patio, while the rear of the restaurant mirrors the stairs with a terraced lounge.  It’s the kind of restaurant one could get lost in, and the kind of experience that can start from an after work cocktail, move into a full-scale meal and end with even more drinks on the balcony lounge above.

Zense Restaurant Gallery

Pio Pio Restaurant – NYC

When it comes to modern restaurant design, there are few works of design genius greater than this.  The Pio Pio Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC is a temple of Peruvian cuisine, one that reflects Peru’s history in its design.  The main dining section features reclaimed wood branches, woven together to recall the hut architecture of South American prehistory, while the large sections of concrete are inspired by the temple architecture of the Inca natives.  Beyond that, simple wooden tables, exposed hanging lightbulbs and panoramic landscape photographs complete this stunning work of restaurant design by Sebastian Mariscal.  It really does not get much better than this.

Pio Pio Restaurant Gallery

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