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Riverhouse Niagara by ZERAFA STUDIO

Riverhouse Niagara ZERAFA STUDIO 8 Riverhouse Niagara by ZERAFA STUDIO

Resting just off the great Niagara River in Niagara Falls, Ontario is the Riverhouse Niagara by ZERAFA STUDIO.  This horizontal habitat is comprised of two rectangular sections that create two floors and 4700 square feet of living space.  Its exterior of limestone, silver metal, Brazilian teak and floor-to-ceiling glass house a warm, relaxed interior with comfortable modern furnishings throughout.  At night, a careful array of lights give Riverhouse its full personality, with the limestone front wall greeting guests as they approach the twin wooden front doors.  An enclosed rear patio features a pool and deck seating, adding an additional 1,200 square feet of outdoor living space.  Niagara Falls, Ontario is truly beautiful in the Summer and Fall, and the lucky owners of the Riverhouse experience it in the highest of fashion.  [zefara studio via plataforma arquitectura, photographs by tom arban]

Riverhouse Niagara ZERAFA STUDIO 7 Riverhouse Niagara by ZERAFA STUDIO




Riverhouse Niagara Gallery

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