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Saffire Freycinet Hotel – Tasmania

Saffire Freycinet Hotel - Australia 4

On a coastal peninsula of the island of Tasmania, a contemporary resort promises luxury and environmental intimacy for every guest.  The Saffire Freycinet Hotel overlooks dramatic mountains, a calm ocean inlet and the peaceful brush of the Tasmanian outback, a view of nothing but nature in nearly every direction.  This is central to the Saffire Freycinet concept– an intimate, unblemished connection with the stunning local environment.

The luxury focus at Saffire Freycinet is priced accordingly, with suites starting at $1650 USD nightly.  Each suite features a picturesque view of the water and mountains beyond, enjoyed from comfortable furnishings inspired by Tasmanian living.  Signature suites and private pavilions are also available, with the latter including a kitchenette and a private pool to be enjoyed over a bottle of complimentary French champagne.

If Tasmania is on your itinerary and money is no object, it’s hard to beat the Saffire Freycinet Hotel.  From the visually striking architecture to the untouched environment around it, the Saffire Freycinet is a genuine jewel of the South Pacific.

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